Saturday Morning Video: Guess What Happened Yesterday in Harry Potter World?

This was YESTERDAY, ya’ll! Those kids grow up so darn fast…

I’m totally going to wear my Star Wars/Hogwarts mashup t-shirt today in honor of little Albus’s first weekend at school.

From Tee Turtle….though I’m not sure if they still sell it. I got it ages ago.

Saturday Morning Video! BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by The Muppets


In honor of the opening of the Jim Henson Exhibit at the Museum of Moving Arts (reviewed here by the New York Times:  This Time, The Muppets Take Queens, and funded by a Kickstarter campaign sponsored by yours truly–you can see the list of sponsors here, and no, I’m not in the $1000 list ;)) I give you a Muppet music video featuring just about all of them 🙂

Thanks to bro-man for the video!

Saturday Morning Video: The Cincinnati Zoo’s Baby Hippo Fiona

Baby Fiona was born about six weeks early, and needed too much care at first to be with her mom. She’s making up for lost time now, though!

My college roommate LOVES hippos–and it was just her birthday this past Tuesday. So, Jules–this one’s for you!

(P.S.–how about a quick road trip to Cincinnati while you’re in town?)