Saturday Morning Video, Take 2: The West Wing was ahead of its time…

This NPR story (first discovered by my co-worker, because I was in a meeting–thanks, Awesome One! I owe you–and ha! I knew I’d draw you over to the dark side–aka National Public Radio–eventually) immediately reminded me of one of my all-time favorite scenes from The West Wing

…and that was before I realized that they both talk about THE SAME MAP PROJECTION. How. Cool. Is. That?

(And BTW, where was this clip when I was trying to explain map projections and distortion to sixth graders for years and years? Not online yet, gosh darn it.)

Saturday Morning Videos! POOL BOY (Coca Cola) and a bonus clip from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

This one cracks me up!

Though I think it’s darn lucky that mom got there first–can you just imagine what would happen if he tried to open one of the other two bottles?

One more week! The electronic department at Target was playing “Belle” as we walked by yesterday, and I might have accidentally burst into song…