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New Release Review: Risk of a Lifetime by Claudia Shelton

I finally got a chance to finish this new release (yay, Easter break!)–and I’m so glad I did! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my interview with Claudia Shelton here. Risk of a Lifetime by Claudia Shelton A good all-around read. Marcy and JB are likable characters, and you’re rooting from the first few pages for them to get back together. (And cringing at what might happen when he finally finds out that his wife isn’t as “ex” as he thought she was!) Claudia Shelton does a nice job with the tension between the two; I just…

An Interview and Giveaway with Claudia Shelton, Author of Risk of a Lifetime

¬†Entangled Ignite has two heart-pounding titles out this week! Read on for my interview with Claudia Shelton (Risk of a Lifetime) below, and then click here to read all about the second title, Larie Brannik’s Her Desert Treasure. Welcome, Claudia! Tell us more about your book–take us beyond the official “book blurb”. First of all, Risk of a Lifetime is about second chances in life and learning to let go of the past on so many levels. Set in a small fictional Missouri town situated near a big lake, the friendly I’ve-got-your-back feeling is only amplified when JB returns home…

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