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Book Review and New Release: Haunted Chemistry by Lindsey R. Loucks

Today I bring you the second new release from Entangled’s Ever After line that I read this week: Lindsey R. Loucks’s Haunted Chemistry.

Title: Haunted Chemistry
Author: Lindsey R. Loucks
Genre: paranormal romance
Published: 2013
Pages: 120
Format read: ebook
Rating: C+

Remember this Always: Quarters Are Sacred.

Despite the ominous sky and wind, college student Alexis is headed down to the less-than-welcoming laundry area of her new apartment with three weeks worth of dirty clothes when she runs into the one guy she hadn’t planned on seeing again–Ian Reese. The previous semester, she and Ian had done some major–and mutual, she thought–crushing on each other in chemistry lab, but then Ian stood her up at their end-of-the-year date without a single call or text. Can you say awkward moment?

Ian’s prepared to make amends, and decides he won’t let Alexis get away from him this time. Suddenly, though, it’s not just taking a chance on a relationship that has Alexis spooked–she’s sure that she saw the cupboard down in the creepy laundry room open up all by itself. Back in Alexis’s apartment, the two see Alexis’s cat Tri disappear into her kitchen cupboard, clutched in the arms of…a ghost?

Some quick Internet research reveals the probable identity of Tri’s abductor, and Alexis and Ian are soon locked in a “spirited” battle to rescue her pet. Will they save Tri? Will Alexis forgive Ian and give him another chance? Will Alexis be able to get her laundry back? You’ll have to read the novella to find out!

Reading Lindsey R. Loucks’s Haunted Chemistry is a lot like sitting around a dying camp fire, telling spooky stories as the night settles eerily around you.  It’s a fun read, and a delicious shiver or two might be in order. It definitely kept me entertained.

However, it does fall into the trap of the novella–not a lot of room for plot development–and because of this there are some pretty big coincidences and awfully neat conclusions reached. Still, it’s not at all a bad way to spend an hour and a half or so–and it will definitely get you in the Halloween mood.

Now, where did I leave that flashlight? I could swear something just moved in that corner over there….

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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