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New Release, Excerpt, and GIVEAWAY! Sweet Treason by Gail Ranstrom


Title: Sweet Treason

Author: Gail Ranstrom

Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense

Release Date: September 2013

Imprint: Ignite


Sweet Treason:

Passion and deadly secrets…

On the run from British troops, American Revolutionary War spy Ryan Straughn forces Emily Nevins to hide him on her English farm. But Emily already keeps secrets that could mean her demise if discovered. Nevertheless as the long night wears on, attraction sizzles and they give in to unexpected passion, sure they’ll never see each other again…


Deception and desire…

A chance encounter in London society stirs heated memories of their sensual night together. They begin a heady dance of suspicion and desire. Though sympathetic to the struggling Colonists, Emily cannot trust a traitorous spy who may expose her dangerous intrigues. And Ryan risks his very life by trusting a woman privy to his true loyalties. But they are unable to deny their need for one another, even as Emily’s secrets are about to be exposed, and the noose around Ryan’s neck grows tighter. Betrayal and love…

And now someone has discovered both their secrets. The price of silence? Betrayal. Of their causes, their love, their futures. In the end, lives will be lost and sacrifices made. Their choice is impossible. Which will they surrender—their lives…or their hearts?


Emily hesitated, and Ryan read a dozen excuses into her pause. Could she not see she was flirting with disaster? They paused beneath a flowering apple tree, and she looked up at him, urgency burning in her eyes. “We are hardly alone, Ryan. I have Bridey, and there are other servants. I must find out what Mr. Dodge is up to. Why he took such a bold chance to bring me to London. This, and my impending birthday, cannot be coincidence. I cannot leave anything to chance when I am so close to—”

“Emmy, be safe. Go home to Sussex, and take your sister with you.” He disliked her taking unnecessary chances, and not because her actions could draw attention to him, but because he wanted her safe and secure. He wanted her happy. God knew she’d had precious little of that for the past six years.

“Would that make your life easier, Mr. Dutton?”

Was she trying to prick him to anger? He grinned. “Only by removing temptation. But I would prefer having you where I can keep an eye on you.”

A soft breeze stirred the branches above them, loosening a shower of apple blossoms. He smiled as the petals sprinkled his jacket and made bright stars in Emily’s dark hair.

God, how he still wanted her. He drew her closer and slipped his arm around her to pull him against him, then released her hand to lift her chin. “You are a woman meant for kissing, Emily Nevins. Long, hard, and thoroughly.”

Her lips, as soft as the petals of the apple blossoms, parted, and her lashes drifted downward. An invitation. Almost impatient. He met her tongue with little licks of heat, swallowing her moans, nothing gentle or slow in his claiming of her mouth. When she was breathless and weak, he supported her, holding her so tightly that he could feel the erratic beat of her heart and the firmed tips of her breasts pressed against his chest. God, he’d disgrace them both if he continued this.

She gasped and pushed against his chest. “Ryan! Please… You promised.”

Damn his promise! Already shaking with the effort to control his desire, he could take no more and remain in control. He stepped back to put distance between them, then was shocked at the chill of desolation and loss between them. He reached out to brush the apple blossoms from her hair, and she looked down, a deep pink infusing her cheeks. He leaned over to press his cheek to hers as he whispered in her ear.

“I give you another promise, Emmy. The day will come when—”

Her green eyes were wide and a little wild. “I…I…should go back. They…Mr. Dodge will be looking for me.”

He dropped his hands, and she was gone before he could blink. He could only pray the day would come when neither of them would stop. Ever.

He followed her back to the ballroom but remained outside until he could cool the effects of that kiss.

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Gail Ranstrom Bio:


Gail has been a seamstress making waitress uniforms for a German Beer Garden, Inventory Clerk at the UofM, an Advertising Account Coordinator and PR writer in a crazy high pressure office, and a Commercial Property Manager in the Los Angeles area. In between, she’s partnered in an Antique business—don’t ask her about Antique Auctions.

Finally, she was tempted by a vocation where she was in control of the next crisis, and could solve it, too—writing.  She is the author of ten novels, three novellas and a brand new release, SWEET TREASON, from Entangled Publishing.  You can find her at,, and her Twitter handle is @GailRanstrom







Twitter:  @gailranstrom



Spotlight Tour Prizes

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        1 Book (Courtesan’s Courtship)

1 Swarovski Crystal Bookmark (Made by Gail)

From Ignite Books:  $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

From Annie Seaton author of Dangerous Desire: 1 sailboat necklace

From Caridad Pineiro author of For Love or Vengeance: 1 “Reborn’ t-shirt and a signed copy of her book Kissed by a Vampire

From Naima Simone author of Secrets and Sins: Malachim 1 $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

From Gail Ranstrom author of Sweet Treason: 1 signed copy of Courtesan’s Courtship and 1 Swarovski Crystal Bookmark (made by Gail)

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