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Ready for Some More Roman Holiday? The Story Continues with Hitched, Episode 2!


Title: Hitched
Author: Ruthie Knox
Series: Roman Holiday
Genre: Contemporary romance
Published: 2013
Pages:  50
Format read: ebook
Rating: A-

Ruthie Knox’s Roman Holiday continues with Hitched, the second “episode” in the serialization. Although it wasn’t quite as laugh out loud as the first (for which my daughter thanks you, Ruthie), it was still a darn good read.

Hitched begins shortly after Chained left off–okay, a while after, since we have to wait for our heroine to regain consciousness…which she does, in a different location from where she lost it. Interesting, yes? She got there somehow, and two guesses as to how… 😉

Oh, and she’s having an erotic dream about Roman just before she comes to. Delicious.

In this episode, Roman meets the infamous Airstream trailer that Ashley has tricked him into attaching to his precious Escalade. (Guys are so weird with their cars, aren’t they? I just loved watching Roman cringe throughout this one, as Ashley–and her decrepit trailer–gave him a hard time about it.) They begin the road trip that the series has promised, and Ashley manages to keep their destination a secret from him for far longer than I would have thought possible.

The banter between the two is the best part of this segment, with their internal dialogue (mostly about each other) a close second. There’s not a whole lot of meat to this part–it’s only fifty pages long, after all. The purpose of this installment is pretty much to get the two from here to there–and hint at awesomeness to come.

Given the way it ends (poor Roman! He’s in so much trouble here) I absolutely cannot wait to get to part three!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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