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Book Review and New Release: Ghosts of the Falls by Sarah Gilman

Title: Ghosts of the Falls
Author: Sarah Gilman
Genre: Paranormal romance
Published: 2013
Pages: 100
Format read: ebook
Rating: B-

Ghosts of the Falls is a light and sweet paranormal romance. It’s short–Goodreads has it at 100 pages, though my ARC stopped at about 70. There isn’t a ton of world building, which is fine–the story takes some known “facts” about ghosts, adds a few twists and turns (including an unusual and interesting one at the end–I did not see that one coming!), and leaves you with some unknowns, which, when dealing with the paranormal, is just fine.

(Unless you’re Fox Mulder and dedicated to finding the truth that he thinks is out there. Most of us, though, are okay with a little bit of mystery in our paranormal.)

Jade Clarence is the middle child–and only girl–in a family with a long tradition of clairvoyance and exorcism. She’s just coming off of a disastrous job that nearly got her kicked out of the family business and is more than a little leery of ghosts with possible agendas. When her family gets a call about a dangerous ghost out in the Maine wilderness, she is eager to prove to her brothers that she can still get the job done.

Dutch Hutcherson has been living out a lonely existence as a ghost since the logging accident that took his life at the Quinnetukut River more than a century ago. He’s never really questioned his ability to become corporeal and interact with humans; it’s the only afterlife he’s known. Still, he’s grown tired of watching the world go by and requests his own exorcism in order to get some peace at last. Being able to spend his last few days with the beautiful Jade, as far as he’s concerned, is a nice bonus….

Jade quickly discovers Dutch’s true identity and is torn. Naturally, the more time they spend together, the closer she feels to him. Should she follow his wishes and banish him from this plane forever, even though the experience will cause him great pain? Or is there another solution? Even if there is another way–will her brothers allow her to attempt it? Read Ghosts of the Falls  to find out!

In a nutshell: A light and fun paranormal romance with a unique twist at the end. B- rating.

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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