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Seriously Awesome Proposal! (Week in Review 12/8/13)

I think he can forget a few birthdays and anniversaries yes?

It’s almost enough to make me start watching basketball. And appreciating cheerleaders. Almost.

Wow. Just…wow. After that, I’m not sure I can even remember what I’m doing…or reading…..

Mr. Moe proposed at Christmas. Kind of, anyway. He really proposed a week after we met, but I figured he was either 1) kidding or 2) crazy, so either way my answer at that time wouldn’t be binding. But I did get the ring for Christmas. 😉

Speaking of Christmas, it’s coming–and report cards go out on Thursday, which means it’s time to figure out what I’m making for presents year. I found these yesterday, which are super cute:

The pattern can be found in the Interweave store. These ornaments (far left) are also a contender:

 They’re from the Stitch Gifts 2014 magazine also from Interweave. I’m thinking of using more “snowish” colors, though–blues with the white and gray.

Or maybe I’ll do something totally different. I really can’t think too seriously about it until after parent/teacher conferences this Friday.

Most favorite. Day. Ever.

(Um, not. In case you were confused.)

Let’s see–books to read in the (hopefully) near future: I’m going to try and squeeze in a few novellas–there’s some Flirt and Flaunt titles I’ve had waiting, and the last two “episodes” of Ruthie Knox’s Roman Holiday are calling my name. If I have more time, I need to get to Annie Seaton and Barbara DeLeo’s latest (see tomorrow’s posts!), Katie McGarry’s Crash Into You, and Catch My Fall by Ella Fox.

But right now? More grading. Sigh.

How about you? Reading anything good? Making anything for Christmas? Any good proposal stories?

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