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New Release and Review: Toying with Temptation by Madison Martin




Driven, business savvy Hailey Burton, Vice President of Tryton Financial Institute, has been put in charge of running what could be her first ever failure: the company’s Christmas Eve toy drive. Toys and Christmas are beyond Hailey’s expertise, but when she’s offered the chance for the promotion she’s been waiting for if she succeeds, her competitive spirit kicks into high gear. When every company in Los Angeles turns her down, desperation leads her to Quinn Matheson. Ten years ago, Hailey chose a prosperous career over Quinn, but as she falls for him all over again, she can’t deny that they make a good team in business…and more. This second time around, is she finally ready to make the leap and become his partner in love?



Toying with Temptation is a short and sweet reunion story that takes place during a holiday timetable. While still in college, Hailey and Quinn had a relationship–one that ended when Hailey left Quinn standing at the altar. They haven’t seen each other since. Now Hailey’s desperate for his help–she has a limited amount of time to impress her boss with a toy drive, and no other toy company will partner with her–and Quinn needs to decide if he can put their past in the past to help her out.

This book had a much stronger finish than its start. In the beginning, there were a few odd coincidences and strange plot events that had me scratching my head, but the last third or so of the book ended up saving the whole story at the same time Hailey and Quinn managed to save the toy drive. This is another example of a novella that would really benefit from a longer format–so many aspects of it could use more: characters, past events, even things happening in the novel’s “real time” could have been dealt with in more detail.

Still, for what it is–a holiday-themed novella–it’s a decent read. Quinn is a sweetheart almost from the beginning (though I’m not crazy with his first demand of Hailey, I understand where he’s coming from) and Hailey slowly but surely becomes a more sympathetic character as the story continues. It’s sweetly satisfying at the end. 3 1/2 stars; C+ rating.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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