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Book Review: Roman Holiday: Ravaged and Ignited by Ruthie Knox (Episodes 4 and 5)


Ravaged Blurb:

As the road trip up the Eastern Seaboard continues in Episode 4 of Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday, sparks are flying—but Ashley and Roman are farther than ever from seeing eye-to-eye about what matters most.

Roman Díaz doesn’t do love. It hasn’t worked out for him. He could never survive trying to live with his heart wide open the way Ashley Bowman does. But it’s hard to keep his walls up around this woman. Every mile he spends in her power leaves him more ravaged by memories and emotions he can’t control—and drags him closer to succumbing to an attraction he can’t afford.



Ignited Blurb:

Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday, resumes in Episode 5. While Ashley’s home and Roman’s career hang in the balance, new temptations flash like fireflies in the night sky.

As the deadline for the destruction of Sunnyvale looms, Roman Díaz and Ashley Bowman find themselves cut off from the outside world and edging closer to truths neither is ready to accept. It’s stupid to fall into the arms of the enemy, but when the passion between them ignites, Roman and Ashley can’t convince themselves to be smart. Sometimes the flames are so enticing, it’s worth getting burned.





(I cannot stress enough that if you haven’t read episodes one through three (and really, why haven’t you?), four and five won’t mean a whole lot to you. So if that’s the case, so yourself a favor and get all five now that they’re finally all available and read them all at once. You should probably do that now, before anything that follows accidentally spoils any little bit of the plot. Go ahead–I’ll wait.)

Finally, finally, something is happening between Ashley and Roman that isn’t strictly confined to their overactive imaginations. It’s delicious, but darn that Ruthie Knox, she’s still making us wait for episode two before she really brings out the big guns.

Darn. Her.

Still, episodes four and five are a lot of fun–yet heartbreaking at the same time. It seems like that shouldn’t be able to be true, yet somehow it is. Poor Ashley begins to question just how well she knew her grandmother–and just how much Sunnydale really meant to everyone, herself included. She has a really tough time for much of these two episodes.

Not as tough as Roman though. Holy schmoly, do we find out a good chunk of his backstory–and whoa, it’s not pretty. No wonder the poor guy is the way he is–I seriously had to keep reminding myself that it was just a book with fictional characters because boy does Ruthie give the guy a rough life to overcome. Ashley too is treated to some of his background, which really goes to show just how much she is helping him to open up. I have great hopes for the two of them in the second season–whenever the heck that is going to be released.

Seriously, this is cruel, making us wait. Though I’m sure Ruthie will make it all worth it in the end–to Roman, Ashley, and the readers.

But first–we have to wait.


On the plus side, I still have new episodes of Emma Approved to get me through the week–and Ruthie’s serial Truly should still be up on Wattpad through the end of the year.

I may have to have an afternoon of both a few times between now (end of Roman Holiday,  season one) and then (season two) to get me through it.

Ratings: B+ for Ravaged and A- for Ignited.

I received ARCs from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews.

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