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An Interview and Giveaway with a Sexy, Hot-Tempered Book Boyfriend (Gavin from Deanna Roy’s Forever Loved)


Interview with a Sexy, Hot-Tempered Book Boyfriend

Today we’re going to learn more about Gavin Mays, a Harley-riding, body-building mechanic who attends the University of California at San Diego. He was also a father for seven days, and the death of his newborn son had a profound impact on his life straight out of high school.

Gavin is from the bestselling new adult romance Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy (just 99 cents through Jan. 24) and makes another appearance in the second book in the series, Forever Loved, which just came out Jan. 10.

Q: So Gavin, why are you riding a Harley these days?

A: Economics. Poor college student = cheap ride.


Q: Harley’s aren’t cheap.

A: I built this one from scrap.


Q: Did you always have an affinity for working on cars and bikes?

A: Wasn’t much of a choice. My dad always seemed to drive junkers, and we had to keep them running.


Q: Why UC San Diego?

A: Well…I guess that’s complicated. I got accepted here senior year, but when we found out my girlfriend was pregnant, we decided to stay close to home and go to New Mexico State instead.


Q: But life changed your plan?

A: Yeah. Finn died when he was a week old. And I, well, I sort of took off. Ended up in Cali.


Q: So you went back to the school you originally intended. What are you studying?

A: Geology.


Q: Why did you choose that?

A: When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me a geode. We cracked it open and I was shocked to learn that something that looked so dull and boring — just a rock — could be so beautiful inside. I still have it — well, half of it.


Q: What happened to the other half?

A: I gave it to another little girl.


Q: A friend?

A: Yes, Corabelle. She lived behind me.


Q: Talking about her seems to upset you. She was special?

A: She was Finn’s mother.


Q: You still see her?

A: Naw. You walk out of your kid’s funeral, you kinda don’t have much latitude to come back.


Q: If you could say something to her right now, what would it be?

A: [Hesitates.] People always ask you if you do one thing over, what would it be? I know exactly what it would be. I wouldn’t leave. I’d be a better man. I’d be there for her, for all the people I let down.


Q: You think you’ll get a chance to tell her that?

A: She’s moved on I’m sure. Fate wasn’t too kind to us. Not thinking it will ever get any kinder.


Q: So what’s the plan with this Geology degree?

A: If I ever get it? I’m on the ten-year plan.


Q: [Laughs.] I guess right now is about just mucking through.

A: I think that’s mostly what life is all the time.


This interview precedes the first book in the Forever series, Forever Innocent (just 99 cents through Jan. 24). The sequel and conclusion to Gavin’s love story with Corabelle, Forever Loved, came out Jan. 10.

Forever Loved by Deanna Roy
(The Forever Series #2)
Publication date: January 10th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

The much-anticipated sequel to the bestselling new adult romance Forever Innocent.

When Gavin saves Corabelle from her plunge into the frigid waters of the Pacific, he knows her recovery from pneumonia is only the beginning of their journey. They share a difficult history — a teen pregnancy, a seven-day-old baby who died of a heart condition, and his decision four years ago to leave Corabelle behind and not look back.

But there are no secrets between them now. As Gavin and Corabelle build a new future together, they learn to trust each other again, falling back on that love they have shared since they were children.

But their past has one last shocking surprise, a revelation that will shake their tender bond and pierce the heart of Corabelle, who has just begun to believe that she truly is Gavin’s only forever love.

Forever Loved is the heart-wrenching conclusion to Corabelle and Gavin’s passionate story.
HEA, 250 print pages

Book One — Forever Innocent
On sale for 99 cents Jan. 12-24
Barnes & NobleBook Two — Forever Loved
Release Date, Jan. 10
On sale for $2.99 through January 31


In this scene, Corabelle has been recovering from pneumonia after taking a winter plunge into the ocean. This is her first shower she has been allowed, and she recalls what it was like to have free reign with Gavin before she was so ill.


I closed the door and stripped off the infernal cotton gown I was so sick of. The spray was delicious, pounding and hot. I washed my hair, then washed it again, finally starting to feel like the sand grit was really gone.

I wished for Gavin to be with me, pressing against my back, his arms around me. We’d only showered together once in this brief time we’d been back together, but it was seared into my memory. The water had gleamed on his arms, running in rivulets along the indentations of his biceps. I’d been mesmerized by their trailing paths, and turned in to him, to see all the other places the water would go.

He’d had droplets on his eyelashes, little diamonds that flew off when he shook his head. He’d taken my heavy wet hair in his hands and twisted it up, turning me around again so he could run a washcloth across my back.

His lips followed the path, skimming across my shoulders and coming up to my neck. He released my hair over the opposite shoulder so his hands could come around, kneading my breasts, slippery with soap.

I could feel him hot and hard against my back and pressed into his body. We had never gotten far in a shower when we were young, either afraid of being caught when I lived at home, or later, in our own apartment, refraining due to my girth from the baby, and my clumsiness. But this, I could see how it could work.

One of his hands slid along my belly and down below, toying with the folds. My knees started to waver, but his other arm came around my waist, holding me solidly against him. He found the little nub he was searching for, and began to work it in lazy circles. I reached out to steady myself against the tile wall as the world tilted.

The water splattered against my skin, heightening everything. He spread me wider, probing more deeply, and a mewling sound squeezed out of my throat. The steam rose off my body, and he moved faster, pressing his hips into my back with every stroke of his fingers. I felt a dam threatening to burst and leaned forward, wanting more of him, all of him.

Deanna Roy is a passionate advocate for women who have lost babies. She founded PregnancyLoss.Info in 1998 and runs many online and in-person support groups. She is the author of several two-hankie reads, including Forever Innocent, Stella & Dane, and Baby Dust.
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