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Books on Sale: Weekend Nook Book Sale–Spring Reading!

Sorry this is late–grades just closed for progress reports, which means I’m behind on my emails…BUT–

Image courtesy of winnond /
Image courtesy of winnond /

NOOK BOOKS ON SALE this weekend only at 50% off–many good ones, too! (Better late then never, right? There’s still a few hours left to shop!) Plus, it looks like Amazon is price matching at least some of them, so–have at them!

Some highlights:

Three Weeks with Lady X (Desperate Duchesses #7) by Eloisa James $2.99

Just read this last week–well, listened to, actually. It was wonderful. The hero is the eldest illegitimate son of the the Duke of Villiers, the hero of book six (which I realized halfway through this one I’d somehow forgotten to read. I fixed that immediately upon finishing this one–they were both WONDERFUL. A total case of like father, like son. In a good way. Mostly. 😉 )

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Hard as You Can (Hard Ink #2) by Laura Kaye (who totally teased us with this one at the Baltimore Book Festival, darn her–it didn’t come out until February this year.) $2.49

In my TBR. Must get to soon. I picked this one up, even though I’m probably going to listen to the series on audio–because you never know when you might need to have a print and/or digital copy in addition to the audio one. Just in case of book emergencies, you understand.

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Be With Me (Wait for You series) by J. Lynn (AKA Jennifer Armentrout–also at the Baltimore Book Festival–she got to share the big stage with Meg Cabot, and they were both awesome!) $2.49

This is one of her NA series. Naturally, it’s in my TBR. I loved listening to Jen talk at the festival, and can’t wait for a calmer time (it’s coming, right? That warm season where I have a semblance of free time?) when I can finally get to her books…

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Taken With You (Kowalskis series) by Shannon Stacey $3.49 ($3.82 at Amazon, oddly)

I love this series! I reviewed this one here. The main characters aren’t even Kowalskis, but that was fine with me–they showed up all over the place anyway, and it still had Shannon’s trademark fun quirkiness all over the place. Plus, heroine is a librarian, which makes her practically a superhero.

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And–because it’s May the fourth (be with you!)…

Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader by Ryder Windham $.99

Yeah, I know nothing about this one, but felt it was appropriate, given the date. Plus, it’s proof that even though I’ve only given a few romance examples here, there’s a whole lot more of just about everything on the B&N site. Really, there really is something for just about everyone–even Kindle owners should check it out, because a lot of the B&N sales are being matched–or almost matched–on Amazon. There’s fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, paranormal, mystery, suspense, historical…honestly, the list goes on and on. Check it out for yourself!

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And now–back to work for me. When I get a significant amount of grading done, I’m going to reward myself with some new books!

(Bribery. Works for me!)


Late breaking news! (I know, I’m supposed to be grading. And I will be. In a minute.)

The Nook Daily Find today is fourteen Star Wars themed books. Take a look, and May the Fourth Be With You! (I’ve heard good things about Timothy Zahn’s books–and there’s two in the sale :))


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