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New Release Review: ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED ON PURPOSE by Rachel Harris (Love and Games #3)

The last Robicheaux sibling gets a HEA!
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Accidentally Married on Purpose
by Rachel Harris


One ring plus one wild night equals one crazy love…

Sherry Robicheaux loves men. She loves love. And she loves an adventure. So when she meets a mysterious man while working backstage at a country music concert in Vegas, she’s all about what’s happened in Vegas staying there.

Country music superstar Tyler Blue just wants a weekend of anonymity…though there’s something about the spunky waitress with the streaks of purple hair that tempts him like no other. Until the next morning, when they both wake up with fuzzy memories…and rings on their fingers.

Convincing Sherry to maintain the ruse for his public image isn’t the hardest part—it’s reminding himself that their time spent playing husband and wife in her small town of Magnolia Springs can’t last. Tyler’s first love will always be music—and the road is no place for a sweet downhome girl.



Very cute story!

I’d only read the second book in this series–Seven Day Fiancé-but it’s not necessary to have read the others to enjoy Accidentally Married on Purpose. (Though now I’ve got to read Taste the Heat just to find out what Sherry’s back story with that Ben jerk is. It’ll make it that much better, already knowing the HEA that’s waiting for her in this book.) Sherry’s older siblings and their significant others show up here, so if you have read the rest of the series you’ll appreciate seeing what they’re doing now.

Sherry was such a fun heroine! I loved in the beginning when she didn’t have a clue who Tyler really was–it made for some very funny moments 🙂 It was fantastic that Tyler was able to see her as she really was better than even her family could, by the end. And Tyler–well, who doesn’t love a gorgeous country-singing hero? Especially one who turns down a chance to open for Luke Bryan because his mother gets sick?

Okay, so the reason behind why Tyler had to pretend to be happily married was a bit shaky–but honestly, it’s hard to come up with a really realistic reason for that troupe in contemporary romance. It’s a fun story with great characters, though, so I was more than willing to just go with it.

I should have gotten out of bed and dressed about two hours before I actually did this morning–but I didn’t want to stop reading until I’d seen Tyler and Sherry find their HEA.

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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