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EIGHT NIGHTS WITH A HERO Author Adrienne Giordano Shares an Excerpt and Giveaway!

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The Evasion (Justifiable Cause, Book 2)

His role on an anti-counterfeiting task force earned NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend the catch of a lifetime—tough as nails but sexy as hell Jo Pomeroy. The woman has a body that drives him wild and a way of attracting danger that’s making him crazy. And her relentless pursuit of an elusive criminal has his protective instincts in overdrive.

Jo didn’t get to be a hotshot attorney by giving up easily. Her high-end clients count on her to keep knockoffs of their luxury goods off the streets. Distractions are the last thing she needs.

Especially six-foot-three, hard body calendar-worthy distractions.

She failed once, letting a smuggler slip through her grasp. Next time, he’ll have nowhere to run.

A lead takes Jo and Gabe to a small town where not everything—or anyone—is as innocent as it seems. Making this bust could be the biggest break of her career…but at what risk to her newfound love?



Gabe rolled sideways in the pitch black of Jo’s bedroom and smacked his hand along the nightstand. What the hell time could it be? Still dark out and his damned phone was ringing, which meant he was most likely getting called out rather than once again ushering in a sunrise with Jo—something they’d been doing on a fairly consistent basis and he had no complaints about.

He cleared his throat and snatched the phone before it woke her. “Townsend.”

“Hey. DeFiore here.”

When an undercover vice cop called at—he checked the blaring red numbers on the bedside clock—four-thirty; chances were, something was happening.

Behind him, Jo shifted. Well, she did more than shift. She scooted right up to his back and pressed that amazing rack against him, skin to skin, all warm and sexy. His mind fast-forwarded to the end of the conversation with DeFiore. Hoping for a false alarm, he’d ditch the call, roll Jo onto her back and put a smile on her face. If their most recent history proved right, she wouldn’t mind.

“You there?” DeFiore asked.

“I’m here.”

“Your guy is in some Podunk town near Charleston, South Carolina.”

His guy? Jo snuggled closer, wrapped her body around his, and something in his chest kicked. Every time she touched him, it brought an explosion of shock, then pleasure, then calm, in perfect order. Bam, bam, bam. He didn’t understand it and didn’t really care to.

Gabe scrubbed his hand over his face, snapped his fingers against his forehead to clear the morning cobwebs—and distract himself from his insane erection—and focused on the moonlight squeaking through the curtains. Ignore the hot blonde behind you. “Martinson?”

“What?” This from Jo. She’s awake. Good.

“Yeah,” DeFiore said. “One of my CI’s heard it. I don’t know how solid the intel is, but this guy is usually good.”

For six weeks, with the help of investigators from Jo’s law firm, Gabe had been chasing down leads on the elusive smuggler that Jo was bent on locking up. Until now, nothing had popped.

“You know where he is?”

Behind him, Jo levered up and her bare breast connected with his arm. His little brain—the one between his legs—shot to full-scale alert. Jo did this to him, sent his mind and body to overload. Every time. He could barely be in a room with her without a raging hard-on. Which made life uncomfortable considering she was the pit bull intellectual property attorney on the Clean Sweep task force and he was the ESU sergeant on the same team. Together, they’d cleared the streets of New York of more than two million dollars in knockoff designer handbags. Not to mention the other bullcrap items women—and some men—had to have.

Yeah, that’s it. He’d think about the case and not Jo’s hand sliding over his stomach and coming to rest by his hip.

“You found him?” she asked.

Gabe snapped his fingers at her. What the hell was she thinking? His boss already suspected something might be happening between them. Something they’d been trying to hide. They didn’t need DeFiore telling a bunch of cops Gabe had a woman in bed with him. The guys on his team weren’t stupid. Eventually, they’d figure out who the woman was.

Jo bit his arm. Not hard, but enough to make sure he knew she damned well didn’t like him snapping his fingers at her. Hell, he didn’t like snapping his fingers at her, but what was he supposed to do? Tell her to be quiet?

He sat up, dug out the pen and paper he knew she kept in the bedside table. “Whatcha got? I’ll check it out.”

“Town is called Leeville. Small. As in population two hundred twenty-five. My guy said Martinson’s wife has distant family there and they’re staying with them.”


“Sorry, dude.”

Ach. Well, that sucked. But in a town of two hundred twenty-five people, it wouldn’t take long to narrow down the visitors. “I’m on it. Thanks.”

He dropped the phone and rolled back to Jo, throwing his leg over her so she’d know exactly what his little brain was thinking. “You bit me.”

“You snapped your fingers at me.”

He inched closer, tightened his leg around her and nipped her shoulder. “Because I don’t want some detective spreading word that the woman I’m sleeping with knows Martinson.” He knocked on her head. “Hello. Wouldn’t be hard for my guys to figure out who I’m in bed with.”

“Oh. Right. Didn’t think of that.” She lifted her chin, giving him access to her neck. “Martinson?”

He dotted kisses along her neck and she let out the small moan he’d grown to recognize. The screw-me-now moan. “South Carolina. At least the CI says South Carolina.”

“We can go there.”

“Someone can.”

We can.”

“Sshh. Right now we have other places to go.”


About the author:Giordano Author Photo

USA TODAY Bestselling author Adrienne Giordano writes romantic suspense and mystery.  She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). She is a co-founder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction.


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