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New Release Review: THE MORRIGAN by Kennan

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Morrie Brandon is the best horse trainer in Oklahoma, able to tame the wildest of beasts. She’s also the Celtic goddess of War and Sex, The Morrigan, abandoning her supernatural life for a simpler, more human one. When Morrie is hired by a secretive Scottish family to capture a killer horse ravaging their Highlands manor, the past she has spent thousands of years running from calls her back. Will Morrie learn from her past mistakes and embrace the bold goddess she truly is, or is it too late?

Damaged Deities is a paranormal romance series about mythological legends and heroes and the occasional tricky god.


Morrie Brandon hasn’t been back to Scotland in a loooong time. But a hundred thousand dollars–and the challenge of capturing a possibly-supernatural, definitely deadly horse–is enough to make her finally return to the British Isles. She’s been in Oklahoma, where the Celtic goddess of sex and war has been quietly living out her life–neither f*cking nor fighting, and not even touching her magic–as a horse trainer.

She senses the magic at the MacLeod estate before she even sets foot on the grounds. There’s something odd about its master and her employer, Kamden, and the groundskeeper and housekeeper are just as strange. But she manages to capture the deadly horse her first night there, locking him up in the stable before returning to the castle.

Where she meets the elder MacLeod brother, in a startlingly…intimate way.

And the horse is gone in the morning, as if he’d never even been in the stall at all…

I love stories that put ancient gods and goddesses in our modern world, right under human radar, so this book was right up my alley. Ms. Reid did a fantastic job of weaving together the intricate strands of her story, bringing everything together at last for one heck of an ending. Paging back through to the beginning, you can see where she (darn her! Need to pay more attention…I had some of it figured out before the revelation, but not everything) gave clues early on to things that would be revealed later.

Kade and Morrie are a great hero and heroine with a chemistry that’s undeniable, especially when they try to deny it. I did get a bit frustrated with Morrie toward the end–I was definitely with Kade at that point, what the heck was she thinking, planning on going back to Oklahoma?–but fortunately she rethought that plan. The antagonist manages to give them all the slip at the end, setting up the main battle of the series and hooking the reader.

Morrie’s sisters’ stories are nicely set up by the end, and I can’t wait to read them. Bev’s quite a character–and apparently hanging out with “Artie” (AKA the Greek goddess Artemis) who works as a gynecologist and faints at the sight of blood. LOL! We don’t see or hear as much from Macy–she’s a quieter character overall than either of her sisters, and absent for much of the book–but I’m already partial to the character who’s been set up as the hero of the story, so sign me up. I’m sure she’ll grow on me 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

About the author:
Kennan Reid traveled from the vast, open spaces of Texas to the vast, open ocean of California where she enjoys sitting outside in the sun, tossing a frisbee to her dog, Barnabas, and on occasion, writing a few words hoping one day they behave and become a book. When she’s not pretending to be a romance author, she is writing young adult novels about elves, witches and reincarnation. The Morrigan is her first adult romance novel and after falling in love with the fiesty goddess and her crazy sisters, will not be her last.



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