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New Release Review and Giveaway! OPPOSING THE COWBOY by Margo Bond Collins (Hometown Heroes #2)

A new red-hot Bliss! Woot! 🙂

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Book Title: Opposing the Cowboy
Author: Margo Bond Collins
Genre: Contemporary
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Book Blurb

Never trust a good kisser…

Yoga teacher LeeAnn Walker has no desire to see the unspoilt beauty of her grandmother’s ranch violated by a greedy oil company. But unless she finds the paperwork confirming she owns the mineral rights, that’s exactly what could happen. The worst part? The guy spearheading the whole mess is none other than the hot and sexy stranger LeeAnn just kissed to make her ex jealous.

Jonah Hamilton thought his day was looking up until he found out the gorgeous blonde who kissed the hell out of him is the same stubborn woman he came to town for. And she’s not too happy to find out she might be forced to allow drilling on her land.

But Jonah has a job to do, even if LeeAnn tempts him to turn his professionalism into something much more personal…


Cold air rushed over her as Jonah pulled his hand away and stood up.

“What are you doing?” Her voice came out in a hiss.

The slow wink Jonah gave her wasn’t reassuring. But he simply moved around and slipped into the booth next to her. The old padding of the seat dipped a little, and Jonah took advantage of her slight lean toward him by dropping an arm around her shoulders and snugging her in tight against him. A zap of electrical heat distracted her for a moment, but didn’t keep her from uttering an incoherent sound of surprise.

“I need you to do something for me.” He leaned down close enough to her that his breath brushed her cheek when he spoke. “Pretend we’re here on a date, okay?”

“A date?” His nearness made her almost dizzy.

“It might convince him to keep his distance.” He paused for a second before continuing, his voice turning dangerous, “That would best for everyone concerned.”

“Okay.” This time she squeaked. Clearing her throat, she tried again. “Yes. Thank you.” That warm, spicy scent surrounded her again, and she surreptitiously tried to breathe it in.

He smelled unbelievably good.

“But if I’m going to be your cover every time you see him, I think you should tell me what happened.” His breath stirred the strands that had slipped out of her ponytail, tickling her ear.

“Later. I don’t want him to hear me.” Leaning forward, she tried to catch a glimpse of Darrell. The bastard.

“Exactly how much of a date do you think we need this to be?” Jonah’s lips brushing across her earlobe as he whispered startled a gasp out of her—and even better, distracted her from looking for Darrell.

“Um…maybe we should go.” Accepting Jonah’s suggestion might end up being more than she had bargained for.

“Or maybe we should show him what he’s missing.” With one smooth motion, Jonah lifted her half into his lap so that her back rested against his broad, strong chest. Brushing her ponytail out of his way, he ran his mouth across the nape of her neck—a light, shivery touch that wiped all other thought from her mind.

A tremor ran through him as he sat back in the seat, pulling her even closer. He might be pretending to be her date, but LeeAnn could feel the very real evidence of his arousal against her thigh.

I shouldn’t encourage him.

He’s only in town because he wants to find a way to allow an oil company to tear up the land I love.

But it might be worth any trouble later if it gave her jerk ex even a moment of dismay to see her with someone else.

A wicked smile flashed across her face. “Okay. For show,” she said, then turned in his arms to kiss him.

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Total adorableness! I loved LeeAnn’s “unconscious yoga habit”–too cute. And Jonah…oh, yes, please. When LeeAnn and her bestie Kylie (heroine of Taming the Country Star ) are having the “which Superman does the hot guy you kissed to make your ex jealous look like” conversation? Fantastic.

“I mean, are we talking the nineteen fifties television Superman? Because honestly?” Kylie pursed her lips and shook her head. “Not so hotso.”

“No. Not that one.” With a nod of thanks to the waitress who had set down their drinks, LeeAnn pulled a menu out of the stack on the table, and, taking a sip of her own unsweetened tea, she narrowed her eyes at her friend. “You know what I mean. Dark hair, blue eyes. Pretty face.”

“So maybe Christopher Reeve’s Superman?” Kylie squeezed a lemon into the drink with one hand and used the other to stir with her straw. “He was pretty.”

LeeAnn opened her menu and stared down at it, but she couldn’t focus enough to even read the options. “Why are we having this conversation?”

“Oh, I’m just getting started. There’s Tom Welling’s Smallville Superman.” LeeAnn’s friend nibbled thoughtfully at her bottom lip. “Too young in the early seasons, but by the end of the series? He’d probably do.”

LeeAnn sighed and shook her head. “You’re insane. You realize that, right?”

“Then there was that guy from Lois & Clark in the nineties. He was totally hot.” She began ticking them off on her fingers. “The Superman Returns guy? Gorgeous. But really, I hope it’s not him, because that’s a stupid movie. Superman is not a baby daddy.”

Amen, sister.

Though he is seriously hot. (And the Superman that Jonah ultimately gets compared to, questionable movie script aside.)

So many fun, LOL-moments (2 words: truck nuts!)–not to mention great chemistry and a seriously hot sex scene (I totally missed the warning that it was a “red hot” Bliss at the beginning–I kept expecting the scene to cut off and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t!)

The only two parts of the book that I wasn’t crazy about–LeeAnn’s total shut-down attitude about Jonah’s proposition, even though she didn’t bother finding out facts/details about it first (twice at least she went on and on about fracking–without knowing if that was going to be done on her property or evenwhat it is…) and Jonah’s “LeeAnn’s so flaky and irresponsible” attitude got to be a bit old. (Though come to think of it, my LeeAnn pet peeve kind of supports Jonah’s attitude here, but still…) Really, though, these were minor deterrents. The bulk of the book was fun with a side of awesomesauce.

I really enjoyed this book and the series, so far. Fingers crossed that there will be more to come… 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.



Meet the Author

Margo Bond Collins writes urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and paranormal mysteries. She lives in Texas with her daughter and several spoiled pets. Although writing fiction is her first love, she also teaches college-level English courses online. She enjoys reading romance and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about heroes, monsters, cowboys, and villains, and the strong women who love them—and sometimes fight them.

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