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New Release Review: HOT POINT by M.L. Buchman (Firehawks #10)

Seriously–how did this series get to #10 without me knowing about it?

Hot Point
by M.L. Buchman



The elite firefighters of Mount Hood Aviation fly into places even the CIA can’t penetrate.


Master mechanic Denise Conroy—with a reputation for being as steel-clad as the aircraft she keeps aloft—shuns useless flyboys who don’t know one end of a wrench from the other.

Firehawk pilot Vern Taylor—known for unstoppable charm and a complete lack of mechanical skills—proves his talent for out-of-the-box thinking with every flight. He’s a survivor and a natural-born heli-aviation firefighter.

When Denise and Vern crash together in the Central American jungle with wildfire on one side and a full-fledged military coup on the other, their newly forged partnership is tested to the max. They have each other, but not even their formidable skills combined can protect Denise and Vern from the conflagration sweeping the jungle… and their hearts.



How did this series get to #10 before I found it? Unreal–but hey, now my TBR’s gotten considerably longer (because as long as I still have a TBR going on, I can’t die, right? Right??)

I did feel a bit as if I came late to the party starting out with book ten–Vern especially alludes to previous events in his thoughts a lot, mostly reflecting on how other couples in the group came together. It wasn’t enough to significantly alter my enjoyment of this one, though. There really wasn’t anything I HAD to know ahead of time, I just felt as if I should know some of the people as well as he did. But, yay–Emily Beale and Mark Henderson (from The Night Stalkers series) are back. With their daughter. 🙂

(Would readers of the rest of the series book be in on the “secret” that Vern and Denise discover together in this book? I’m guessing they probably would–I did like finding out right alongside our hero and heroine, though. It made me feel more like I was right there with them.)

Vern and Denise are an adorable couple. Vern’s just brimming with self-confidence, and has absolutely no qualms about admitting when women can do something better than he can. He has all kinds of respect for the women on the team who can out-fly him, and for Denise’s mechanic prowess. I found this trait in him to be unbelievably sexy–and obviously, so did Denise. 😉

Denise’s insecurities did get to be a bit much after a while, but when we understand her history a little better it does make sense why she would feel like that about herself. My heart broke a little for both her and her father.

The romance was sweet, and most of its roadblocks came from the characters themselves and were relatively minor. The biggest drama and suspense came from the firefighting and the secret project they embark on in the second half of the book. Mr. Buchman did a good job of immersing us in the world of the firefighters without inundating us with technical jargon and details.

Overall I really enjoyed this one and am looking forward to reading more from this series.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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