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New Release and Giveaway! DRIVING HER CRAZY by Kira Archer

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Book Title: Driving Her Crazy

Author: Kira Archer

Release Date: Aug 17, 2015

Genre: romantic comedy

Book Synopsis:

Cher Debusshere hates being the black sheep of her posh, well-to-do family almost as much as she hates driving—which is exactly what she’s forced to do when her flight home for her perfect sister’s wedding is grounded. Fan-freakin’-tastic. Then a hot guy offers to share both the car rental and the driving duties…only to drive her crazy by assuming she’s just some spoiled little rich girl.

Mechanic Nathaniel “Oz” Oserkowski is about as blue-collar as they come. There’s never been a time he hasn’t worked his ass off, and he’s determined to prove it to the gorgeous princess in the passenger seat. As the miles pass, they bait and needle each other…until their lust and longing gets so hot it nearly overheats the engine.

They have nothing in common. Hell, they can barely stand each other. But sometimes it takes a journey to change the destination…



Cher smiled, refusing to think of anything else but that moment. The rest of the world could come crashing in later. Oz…settled back against the seat, pulling her into his lap. He kissed her, his lips gently caressing her forehead, her cheeks, her jaw, her neck. He nuzzled against her, breathing her in. Her heart skipped at the painfully sweet tenderness of his actions.

She didn’t say a word, just curled into him and he held her. For just a brief moment, she considered the possibility that Oz could be the one for her. That maybe they could make it work. She could go live with him, open her shop near him. Have dinner on the table every night when he got home and send him off to work every morning with a cup of coffee and a kiss. They could have babies and maybe get a cat. Or a dog. Or both. They could have it all. Have their dreams and each other.

It was a nice thought.

But that’s all it was.

Part of her would love nothing more than to walk right up to her parents and announce that instead of reapplying for medical school or marrying whatever suitable man they’d dug up, she was going to open her own extension of DressHer and ride off into the sunset with Oz. The other part of her knew she’d never do it. They’d disown her on the spot. And as much as they drove her nuts and sometimes made her downright miserable, she loved them. They were her parents.

And the longer she sat there, curled on Oz’s lap like they had some kind of future together, the harder it was going to be to leave him and go back to her real life.

Time to end the fantasy and get back to reality.


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Kira ArcherAuthor Bio:

Kira Archer resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kiddos, and far too many animals in the house. She tends to laugh at inappropriate moments, break all the rules she gives her kids (but only when they aren’t looking), and would rather be reading a book than doing almost anything else. She has odd, eclectic tastes in just about everything and often lets her imagination run away with her. She loves a variety of genres and along with contemporary romances, she writes historicals as Michelle McLean.

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