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New Release Review! UNDERCOVER WITH THE ENEMY by Sharron McClellan

I’d go undercover with Kane ANY TIME… 😉

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Title: Undercover With the Enemy
Author: Sharron McClellan
Publisher: Entangled Select Suspense
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: Kindle



About the book:

When opposites ignite…

High-risk securities operative Holly Milano usually prefers to work alone. Having a partner is, well, annoying. Case in point-her current assignment with Kane MacMillan. They’re working undercover in high society to retrieve a priceless diamond necklace.

And Mr. Plan Everything is seriously cramping Holly’s fly-by-the-seat-of-her-sexy-pants style.

Kane takes his job seriously, and he knows from experience that working with Holly usually ends in disaster. Their conflicting approaches could destroy their cover-or worse, get them killed. But when they’re forced to pose as an engaged couple, neither Holly nor Kane are prepared for the possibility of an unexpected attraction…or that they’re now putting their lives and their hearts on the line.



Enemies-to-lovers AND an action-packed romantic suspense? Yes, please; and thank you!

I had such a good time reading Undercover with the Enemy! Kane and Holly were fantastic characters–a by-the-book operative and a acrobat thief who actually ran away from the circus to help people recover endangered goods–on paper, it looks like they’ll never work out. And sure, in the very beginning of the book, they don’t have a chance. But they wind up together on their next assignment, Holly makes a teensy little error in judgement, and next thing you know wham! they have to pretend to be in love or risk blowing their cover.

So. Much. Fun.

Of course they’re ridiculously attracted to each other–and obviously, they each could benefit from qualities that the other has that they themselves are sorely lacking–but they’re both going to resist the urge as long as they possibly can.

Which fortunately doesn’t turn out to be very long at all. 😉

But pesky fate is going to keep throwing obstacles in their way, and then their operation turns into the poster child for Murphy’s Law…

Seriously–they could not get a single break from start to finish! Just when you (and they!) thought it would be okay to relax–just a little, maybe grab a quick drink, check your email, whatever–bam! something new and disastrous was thrown at them. The best part is that none of it felt forced or at all deus ex machina-ey. (Okay, maybe that’s not the best part. Holly and Kane together are pretty awesome. And the way he convinces her to give him a chance? Fantastic. But still, there’s a lot to be said for a really well done action-adventure story, which this is.)

Holly’s insistence that they could never work out because Kane would run screaming from her circus “family” without even giving him a chance or talking about it was pretty darn frustrating, though. For a woman who was so fearless in every other aspect of her life and never had a problem telling people how things were, it felt out of character and went on for far too long…hence the half star deduction.

Still, such a fun read! Did I mention it ends very, very well?

Now all we need is for Bravo to get his own book. Obviously the guy’s got some major backstory going on, and just as clearly he needs to get his HEA…

Soon, please? 😉

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author:

Sharron likes to blow things up, dabble with Armageddon and sometimes, just sometimes, crash an airplane. In books, people – in books! And while it sounds all action adventurish (it is), there’s steamy hot romance for balance.

The inspiration for many of her earlier books springs from her background in Archeology.  Sharron graduated with a degree in Archeology form the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After spending several years in the field searching for ancient artifacts and burials, she was decided writing about it would be way more interesting than digging in the dirt.

So in 2001 she hung up her shovel and decided to focus her efforts on writing action adventure romance, combining her love of archeology with her interest in romance the genre.  She’s been blowing things up ever since.


For More Information

Visit Sharron’s website.


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