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Release Day! CHRISTMAS DOWN UNDER Anthology–Six authors, six complete stories–99 cents!

100% pure Christmas.

It’s hot sun and hotter men, warm sand and crystal-clear water, prawns on the barbecue and cricket on the beach. It’s sweet, slow kisses and long, lazy days. It’s Christmas Down Under.

Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with six sweet, sexy stories of Down Under lovin’ from six bestselling authors who know how to do it right, from a little bit steamy all the way up to OMG. Whether it’s the beaches of Australia or New Zealand’s subtropical Far North, it’s nothing but feel-good love for Christmas this year. So if you’re feeling a little chilly? Pour a cold glass of wine or a hot mug of cocoa, curl up on the couch, and enjoy!

· Six standalone books (no cliffhangers!) spanning 1,000+ pages
· Over 95% off retail for the individual books sold separately
· Only available through December–get your copy today!

Six perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:

ROSALIND JAMES – Just for Now (Escape to New Zealand)
SERENITY WOODS – A Festive Treat (Treats to Tempt You)
ANNIE SEATON – Christmas With the Boss
KRIS PEARSON – Christmas Holiday Hearts (Heartlands)
JOANNE HILL – Promising Penny
TRACEY ALVAREZ – Hide Your Heart (Far North)

INDIVIDUAL BOOKS INCLUDE 5 Full-Length Novels & 1 Long Novella. No cliffhangers! Over 1,000 pgs!


Ugh, grad school. I’ll be working on getting through this for a while, thanks to all the extra work I’ve voluntarily (!) taken on this fall. I’ll add reviews as I finish the stories–hopefully I’ll finish by Christmas! 🙂

HIDE YOUR HEART by Tracey Alvarez

Such a sweet read! I loved the characters–Lauren and Nate, naturally, but also Lauren’s brother Todd and sister-in-law Kathy and Drew, of course–he is absolutely adorable, with his monkey-roni and the Superman picture–too cute! 🙂

Lauren’s fighting some pretty big demons–she and her son escaped an abusive relationship and a life she’d never asked for in New York City, seeking refuge in rural New Zealand. Once a world-famous model, she’s dyed her hair, changed her look, and keeps herself apart from everyone but her immediate family. She’s afraid of being recognized, afraid of the paparazzi, and afraid to let anyone outside her family in. She originally befriends Nate somewhat reluctantly in order to get him to change his plans for the property next door, but the more she gets to know him, the more she wants him, even though she knows their relationship can’t last…

Having recently lost his mentor, Nate’s taking a break from his photojournalism to rehab a house he’s bought sight unseen. (Okay–he saw pictures, but they were misleadingly old and hugely inaccurate.) He’s in way over his head, so he enlists the help of a neighbor–a neighbor who’s less than thrilled to notice his new boss’s interest in his sister. Nate’s drawn to Lauren and charmed by his son, but has always believed that his would be a solitary existence–leaving a family to chase work around the globe just wouldn’t be right, after all. That’s what his mentor always told him…didn’t he?

I loved watching Lauren and Nate grow closer, and seeing Drew work his magic on the confirmed bachelor. Tracey’s new series is starting out beautifully–this book doesn’t quite have the same lighthearted feel to it that her Due South series does, but it’s written with her same trademark humor. I loved every minute I spent reading this one, and look forward to book two–which will star Nate’s equally famous (and in at least one aspect, equally infamous) cousin.

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review–and then I went out and bought a copy anyway, because–99 cents! 🙂

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