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Spotlight: THE DRAGON SOCIETY by Olufunmi Olayinka

Masterfully imagined by Dr Olufunmi Olayinka, The Dragon Society tells the chilling story of a Nigerian-trained doctor who moved his family to the UK and came into financial hardship leading to him accepting membership of a prestigious secret society. The group promises lifelong prosperity and goodwill, but at the expense of many innocent souls who will come to sudden demise to make way for these wealth. Fusing Biblical truths with a searing fictional storyline, it’s no wonder critics are celebrating the volume as “Intriguing, captivating and thought provoking”.

The Dragon Society: Faith-Twisting New Novel Exposes Secret Society’s Evil.

Is There A Short Cut To Prosperity? Read On!

There’s no point in beating around the bush; everyone wants to accumulate masses of wealth for the least possible work. While to some this wishful thinking remains a comforting fantasy, there are others who will try to achieve their dreams by pushing themselves and working very hard. Unfortunately, there are a few others who will stop at nothing including joining a secret society group in search of wealth!

Dr Olufunmi Olayinka’s new novel reveals the hidden cost of such wealth which is the untimely death of many innocent souls.

This bold and raw journey of discovery is all laid out in The Dragon Society. Prepare to have faith redefined, as anything is possible behind these closed doors…



As a porter in a London hospital, Dr Steven Attah wonders whether moving his young family from Nigeria to the UK was a good decision. When his friends introduce him to the mysterious and powerful Dragon Society, the answer seems to be yes as success and wealth flows to his family.

But when disaster strikes, he discovers the true cost of membership of the society. When the full extent of the powerful and terrifying influence that the Dragon Society has over Steven and other members of his community emerges, the society comes under threat from internal and external forces. But, as the society fights to defend its reputation, will Steven be able to free himself from its clutches and get the chance to rebuild his life, or will he discover that once you’ve joined the Dragon Society you can never completely leave it?


“This is a fast-paced adventure that crawls into many areas of the psyche and faith,” explains the author. “Everyone has dreamed of building wealth, and those who have considered doing it through anything other than solid hard work are likely to find out the hard way that there is no genuine alternative to honest hard work. This story examines the risks of becoming a member of secret societies both to the individual, his immediate family members and the society at large.”

“Culturally related crimes are very common amongst Africans particularly Nigerians, and both the local and international authorities aren’t able to bring those responsible to justice, because these crimes are not recognised by the legal system. My story highlights the need for clear international and regional human rights law that addresses harmful cultural practices. There is also the need for strategic litigation as illustrated in ‘The Dragon Society’ with the aim of establishing precedents. The narrative is far more real and vivid than it first appears.”

Readers agree, leaving many positive reviews. B. Babatunde comments, “Everyone needs to be alert to the reality of evil influences and one needs to be very careful. You might just be surprised how much of what happens in the physical is linked to activities in the spiritual sphere.”

M. Ajayi adds, “All that glitters is not gold. The novel is intriguing, captivating and thought provoking. I will highly recommend.”


The Dragon Society from Austin Macauley Publishers, is available now:







About the Author:

Olufunmi Omopariola Olayinka was born at the Hammersmith Hospital in London, UK in 1970. She spent most of her developmental years in Nigeria.

She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK and holds a diploma in Psychological Therapies from the Leeds Metropolitan University.

She is happily married with two beautiful children. She lives in Rotherham, UK. She enjoys writing fiction in her spare time.


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