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A Conversation with Teri Anne Stanley, Author of ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE BIKER (with a giveaway!)

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Thanks so much for agreeing to be with us today! What 5 things should readers know about you?

  • I have a varsity letter in football. Okay, okay, I didn’t PLAY football, I was a trainer. But I’m very proud of that letter. Oh. And I taped Chris Carter’s ankles, he went to my high school (he’s a hall of fame guy, and a commentator on TV now).
  • I was on TV when I was little. I was one of the kids on a show called Genie and the Giant. I don’t remember anything about it, except that we got Highlights magazines as lovely parting gifts.
  • I live close to a real place called Big Bone Lick State Park. Before my middle son could read, he called it Big Bone Lipstick Park, which is just as funny. I love Kentucky.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Zoology. I don’t work at a zoo, but I can see one from my day job desk.
  • I love to do artsy crafty stuff, and if there are directions for it on the internet, I can figure out how to do it. I learned how knit, spin, and dye wool. Give me a sheep, I’ll make you a sweater.

Wow! Impressive—that has to be the most diverse list I’ve seen yet (Big Bone Lipstick–LOL):)


Tell us all about your main characters—who are they? What makes them tick? Most importantly, what one thing would they need to have with them if stranded on a desert isle? 😉

Kellie is an aspiring romance writer, and owns a children’s bookstore. She’s very passionate about both, but would sacrifice writing if it meant keeping her bookstore open and catering to the underprivileged kids in the neighborhood. She would need her kindle on that island, for sure. Who cares if you’re naked and afraid if you’ve got a permanently charged e-reader to keep you company?

Quinn is a custom motorcycle builder. He’s a strong believer in following dreams wherever they lead you. If he were on a deserted island, he’d need a Leatherman, one of those multipurpose pocket knives. He’s pretty handy, and could probably built anything with it, kind of like MacGuyver.

You had me at “permanently charged e-reader”. And then sealed the deal with “MacGyver”!


Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

I love opposites attract stories, especially the good girl/bad boy type (and the bad girl/ good boy kind!). So who could be more different than a sweet southern kindergarten teacher (who turned into a bookstore owner to suit the story) and a bad ass biker? They wind up having more in common than it first appeared, including, of course, an explosive attraction to each other!

Of course!


How long have you been writing, and what (or who) inspired you to start?

I’ve loved READING romance since middle school, when one of my friends turned me on to one of those old school bodice rippers and showed me where the naked parts were. And I’ve always been a decent writer. In college, I could have gone either way: Science or English major—but figured I’d have a better shot at getting a job in science.

I finally started writing a few years ago when I had a really bad case of tennis elbow and couldn’t knit or crochet for a few months. I was like, “Well, I’ve always said I wanted to try to write a book someday. Might as well do it now.”

LOL—the “naked parts”—I wish I’d had a friend like that! 😉 Great way to turn your injury around!


What do you like best about being a writer? What is the most challenging part?

I love it when I’m in the groove, and the words come pouring out, and then I go back and read what I wrote later, and go, “Wow. I wrote that? Huh.”

The most challenging part is “trusting the process.” The groove part doesn’t happen as often as the “I don’t know what I’m supposed to write here and it sucks and no one will want to read it and I’m going to have to start over from scratch and…” The self-doubt. It sucks. There’s a committee in my head telling me that I’m wasting my time and should be making blankets for homeless cats, but I somehow muster along and it turns out okay!

Ugh, yes, the self-doubt isn’t fun. But blankets for homeless cats? LOL!


What are you working on right now? What can readers look for from you in the next year?

I’m writing my second Bourbon Boys book. The first, Drunk on You, came out last summer, and this is number two. I’m anxious to finish, because book three is screaming to get out!

Excellent! Can’t wait!


What authors and/or books have inspired you?

Honestly, every author who manages to sit down and crank out a manuscript is an inspiration to me. Knowing that my committee of doubt visits them, too, is wonderful Twitter is like one, giant, author support group.

And I have a LOT of authors that I love, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, but Suzanne Brockmann is my all time favorite. I re-read those Troubleshooters books about once every year or so.

OMG, the Troubleshooters! You are definitely speaking my language!


What are you currently reading? What are your thoughts about it so far?

I’m reading Forgotten Promises by Jessica Lemmon. It’s a New Adult story. I just started it, but so far the town bad boy has the local lawyer’s daughter in the trunk of a semi-stolen car, and is driving her deep into the woods.

Ooh, sounds like a good one!


If you had to “sell” this book in a single Tweet, what would you say?

I assume you mean my book, Accidentally in Love with the Biker, not Jess’s?


Getting rear-ended by a biker in Las Vegas is way more fun than a conference full of bisexual were-parrots! AiLwtB by @teriannestanley

LOL, yes! Nice work 🙂



Teri Anne Stanley

Teri Anne Stanley began her writing career with scientific articles—followed by a three-ingredient recipe column, but wasn’t allowed to write sex scenes for them—so now she writes fun, sexy romance filled love, angst and nekkid parts.

She’s also worked as a fashion designer for female body builders and a sex therapist for rats. In her spare time, she is a neuroscience research assistant. Along with a variety of teenagers and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley live just outside of Sugartit, which is—honest to God—between Beaverlick, and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


by Teri Ann Stanley
Publication Date: February 8, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Aspiring writer Kelli Dalton needs a man, and fast. When she’s rear-ended by a sexy-as-sin biker on the way to a Vegas romance readers convention, she sees her chance. If he’ll pose as her fake boyfriend long enough to impress a bestselling author, Kelli has a shot at saving the bookstore for underprivileged kids she runs back home.

Quinn Anderson doesn’t know what to make of the cute little writer who stirs his heart and his libido, but he does know he wants to get better acquainted. And if that means keeping up their sexy ruse all week, he’s game.

Quinn knows girl like Kelli deserves someone with a secure future to help with her store, not a guy struggling to turn a profit on his chopper shop. But if his motorcycle designs win the big Vegas competition, he’ll have enough prize money to fund his dreams…and hers.



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