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New Release Review! SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR HEART by Tiffany Truitt

I interviewed Tiffany here. Check it out! 

Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart

by Tiffany Truitt


In the span of seven days, Annabel Lee will lose her heart.

Kennedy Harrison, as reckless with life as Annabel is obsessed with order, never could commit to anything—not to a person, not to a job, not to a path. But he’s got a history with Annabel, and for once Kennedy doesn’t want to run. Determined to spend time with her before she leaves for college, Kennedy dares her to join him on a road trip to a music festival.

And neither of them could ever say no to a dare.

But Annabel’s got a plan. She’ll complete seven dares in seven days—if Kennedy applies for one writing internship per dare. Because Kennedy needs to be pushed just as much as she does.

What follows is a dizzying week of music, shady hotels, comical dares, and a passion neither one knew existed. But when it ends, Annabel and Kennedy will realize the biggest dare of all might just be falling for each other.



My first book by this author but definitely not my last!

There was a lot to like about Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart. It’s a best-friends-to-no-longer-friends-to-lovers story. There’s dares and double-dog dares, an awesome road trip, twin toddler terrors, and a grandma who swears in many languages. The main character’s name comes from the poem, and her older brother gave it to her because it was his favorite–how cute is that? A children’s book and a dare brought Kennedy and Annabel Lee together back in third grade, and the adult Kennedy now lives above the shop of the third grade teacher who inadvertently (or was it?) brought the two of them together.

So much cuteness.

Actually, the timeline of their relationship totally reminded me of Harry and Sally’s in When Harry Met Sally:

Harry: We became friends.

Sally: We were friends for a long time.

Harry: And then we weren’t.

Sally: And then we fell in love.

That. Just, you know, subtract a dozen years or so from the main characters’ ages and put the road trip at the opposite end of things…

Annabel and Kennedy engage in some truly funny and clever banter, and I liked how even though they’d been apart for so long (ten years) they each are still able pick up on the things that make the other one special; important aspects of them that they are not even aware of themselves. The way in which Ms. Truitt used their dares to help them to break free of their (mostly self-imposed) limitations was great. I loved how their shared past gave them so much to build their future on, and the way in which Kennedy’s writing brings them together in the end. (Especially the epilogue! So. Darn. Adorable!)

And LOL to Gran’s use of a political flyer to get her message to Annabel. Perfect! 😉

There was a lot to like about this book, and its interesting characters, overall fun quirkiness, and awesome epilogue more than made up for a slowish start and quickish reconciliation.

(Interesting fact: the Kindle robotic reading voice knows how to pronounce “Kanye” correctly but not “abs” (it pronounces the letters individually and quickly). I know this, because I listened to part of this book while driving to work today and Kennedy says Kanye A LOT. It was kind of cute and definitely unique, but also kind of annoying–especially when he was giving him the power of creation, as in “the sweetest mouth Kanye ever created.”)

Here’s hoping Ms. Truiit’s first new adult book won’t be her last!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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