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Release Day Reviews! The ROGUE VOWS series by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh


In the first Rogue Vows novella, Zane and Stevie are about to get an unexpected wedding present…and it’s a deadly one.

It should be the happiest weekend of Officer Stevie Taylor’s life. She’s finally going to marry Police Chief Zane Duncan and live happily ever after in Solitude, Oregon. But all wedding plans grind to a halt when a dead body is found at a nearby campground. A vacationing A-list TV actor has been murdered…and all hell is about to break loose.

When it comes to a celebrity murder, everyone has a motive—and everyone wants a piece of the action. As news media and paparazzi swarm their sleepy town, Stevie and Zane must dig deep to untangle a web of lies, dirty little secrets, and betrayals—and uncover the killer. But the closer they get to the truth, the deadlier their investigation becomes. And if they don’t act quickly, ’Til death do us part may come sooner than they thought.




In the second Rogue Vows novella, the town of Solitude, Oregon, will learn that good TV makes for terrible reality.

When Chase Ryan, a popular crime TV star, turns up dead, the entire town of Solitude is shaken—but the show isn’t over yet. The confessed murderer is violently abducted on the way to the county jail, and now Detective Seth Harding must find both the killer and the kidnapper.

Seth’s investigation unearths unsavory secrets from the celebrity’s life that incriminate a cast of suspects: Chase’s family, his sleazy agent, and a fanatical stalker with a troubled thirteen-year-old daughter. When that same teen disappears from her temporary foster home, Seth’s wife, social worker Carly Taylor, is drawn into the search.

Dodging paparazzi and peril, Seth and Carly track the girl. But as they get closer to uncovering the truth, the abductor sets the stage for a chilling finale…



Though you can absolutely read the Rogue Vows series without having read the other two (Rogue River #1-4 and Rogue Winter #1-2; I’ve read the second series but not the first–yet) but you really need to read both of the books in this series in order to get the full story.

And don’t accidentally start with book two, as I did–thankfully I realized it a few pages in, but it did already tell me more about the first one than I wanted to know ahead of time…still, even already knowing a few crucial details of book one before I read it, I really enjoyed both of these books.

This time around, our two couples–Solitude’s police chief and fellow officer Zane and Stevie in Elliott’s book, who are finally this close to their wedding day and Leigh’s detective and social worker and nine years married Seth and Carly–are trying to solve the unexpected and rather gruesome murder of a major television star. There are all kinds of suspects–are Chase Ryan’s friends really his friends?, family secrets, and a pyromaniac stalker. Things throughout the books are not always as they seem, and the resolution we achieve at the end of book one might not last for long.

Who is the real murderer?

And throughout it all, relationship questions remain–will Zane and Stevie’s wedding actually happen? Can Seth and Carly resolve the mystery (and live to tell the tale!) and still celebrate their anniversary with some alone time?

I’m not going to tell you–give these two books a read and find out for yourself! They’re novellas, so it won’t take you long to satisfy your curiosity 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of these books.


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