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New Release and Giveaway! REMNANTS OF YESTERDAY by Ava Wood (Broken by the Sea #3)

Remnants of Yesterday (Broken by the Sea #3)
by Ava Wood
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: January 6th 2017



“Saying goodbye is never easy.”

Missy Shaw has lived through her fair share of heartache and abuse, mostly at the hands of her own father. After finally taking a stand against her abusers, Missy is faced with a new dilemma when her father unexpectedly falls ill. Longing to take care of the man who’s never really been a father to her, she’s forced to make a difficult decision that could cause a cataclysmic collision with her past and her future.

Now that Adam Miller was a major fixture in Missy’s life, making those hard decisions shouldn’t be so difficult, but when Missy heads to Tampa for college and Adam returns to Kansas, she’s left feeling vulnerable and alone. Moving forward is harder than she imagined when the demons from her past continue to haunt her.

In this gripping finale to the Broken by the Sea trilogy, find out if Missy is finally able to find her happy ending, or if the demons of her past become the nightmares of her future.



“Missy,” Mr. Miller caught my attention, momentarily halting my pacing. “He’ll be here any minute. Just remember to breathe.”

Had I forgotten? Oh my gosh, I can’t remember. Frozen where I stood, I intentionally began breathing in and out, in and out. With my focus briefly off of Adam’s impending arrival, I was finally able to calm my nerves and anxiousness.

And then people started to emerge from Adam’s gate and all of the clarity I’d slowly started to feel was quickly erased. As I watched men and women approach, I shifted from foot to foot, craning my neck trying to find him. Catching sight of ash–brown hair, I started bouncing in place. “There he is!” I shouted as he and Zander neared.

The instant Adam’s eyes met mine, he started pushing past people, jogging toward me. His carry–on fell from his shoulder as he picked up his pace and, instead of trying to right it, he tossed it to Zander and came barreling toward me. As soon as he passed the restricted line, his arms wrapped around me just before he spun me in a circle. Squealing with delight, I hugged him tightly as we slowed and my feet were eventually placed firmly on the ground.


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About the Author:

Ava Wood is an insomniac who writes to calm the voices. When the voices get too loud, stories are formed.

Ava was born and raised in Texas but got to Florida as quick as she could, enjoying the fresh sea air and summer storms. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than an evening summer light show.

She’s married to the love of her life whom she shares two beautiful daughters and four sweet fur babies. Their marriage is the perfect “North-meets-South” pairing.

When she’s not writing, Ava can be found chasing her children all over the county, snapping photos of any and everything, visiting one of her local theme parks, or just spending quality time with her family.


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