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Kat Colmer, Author of THE THIRD KISS, Talks About Memorable Kisses (not the good kind of memorable…)

In case you missed it, I reviewed Kat’s THE THIRD KISS here. Check it out and enter the tour giveaway!

As the title suggests, my YA paranormal romance The Third Kiss features several kisses throughout the story. Each of these is memorable for different reasons. Sometimes, however, a kiss can be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few which thankfully don’t appear in The Third Kiss:


The Niagara Falls Kiss

Think saliva. Lots of it. So much so you need to go in for an after-kiss cuddle just so you can surreptitiously wipe your chin on your partner’s shoulder or your sleeve. Now, a Niagara Falls kiss doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad kiss, but technique and delivery would have to be pretty awesome to distract you from the drool gathering on your chin.


The Heavy Metal Kiss

Ah, the joys of braces. Not only do braces mean you can’t eat anything sweet and chewy for the good part of two years, you now have to be extra careful when locking lips with someone so you don’t also accidentally lock metal! I’ve only experienced one stuck-at-the-mouth incident in my life, and thankfully I wasn’t personally involved. But a Heavy Metal Kiss that goes wrong can scar you for life—because no matter how much those around you sympathize, you will inevitably be laughed at.


The Blind-Leading-The-Blind Kiss

This kiss doesn’t have to end in disaster; oftentimes it’s reassuring to know the person you’re kissing is just as inexperienced as you are, and what starts out as a we-don’t-know-what-we’re-doing kinda kiss ends up in a sweet and soulful experience. BUT—and notice how that’s a big but—when one or both parties aren’t the quickest of learners, this Blind-Leading-The-Blind Kiss can spiral into a drooly, teeth-clanking, tongue-thrusting, nose-bumping disaster that should just be put out of its misery already.


The Humpty-Dumpty Kiss 

You’re sceptical, I can see, but bear with me here. The Humpty-Dumpty is a real and dangerous thing. It’s a deceptive and cunning beast, because it starts off as a sweet meeting of the lips that heats up slowly, gradually. Then, just as things start to get really interesting, one of you gets a little too enthusiastic and the two of you overbalance on the couch, bench, bed, bleachers, and—Splat! Oof! Ow!—you end up sprawled on the floor like a beached baby whale. Total mood killer.


The Tongue Wrestler

This poor excuse for a smooch is more warfare than a kiss. It’s like the perpetrator of this kiss is under the misguided assumption that kissing is a competition, and the winner is the one whose tongue takes up the most real estate in their opponent’s mouth. In my unfortunate experience, it’s near impossible to re-educate a tongue wrestler on the finer—and gentler—art of kissing. Better to wave a white flag, end the exchange, and retreat to the friend zone as quickly as possible.


You’ll be glad to know the kisses in The Third Kiss are memorable for all the right reasons. Toe-curling, pulse-racing, skin-tingling reasons.


Kat Colmer Bio:

Kat Colmer is a Sydney-based Young and New Adult author who writes coming-of-age stories with humor and heart. The recipient of several writing awards, she has won the Romance Writers of Australia First Kiss contest, as well as the Romance Writers of America On the Far Side contest for her debut Young Adult Paranormal Romance.

Kat has a Master of Education in Teacher Librarianship and loves working with teens and young adults. When not writing, teaching, or reading the latest in YA fiction, Kat spends time with her husband and two children.

Website | Instagram |  Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Entangled Publishing


Book summary:

Love curses don’t exist. At least that’s what Jonas, master of the meaningless hookup, tells himself when a letter warns him he’s an Eros Guardian cursed to endure a test of true love or forever be alone. His levelheaded longtime friend Cora figures it’s a revenge prank by an ex. The way Jonas stamps each girlfriend with a weeklong use-by date, it serves him right.

But when an impulsive kiss between the two friends reveals potential for more, Cora becomes the target of the Groth Maar: demons sent to wipe out the Eros Guardian line. And suddenly the curse becomes dangerously real.

Breaking the curse means Jonas’s biggest challenge yet. Failure guarantees Cora’s death. But success may cost him his own life…and the loss of his carefully guarded heart to the one girl far too sensible to fall for him.


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