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A Conversation with Mary Lindsey, Author of HAVEN (with a giveaway!)

Thanks so much for agreeing to be with us today, Mary! What 5 things should readers know about you?

  • I live on an island!
  • You can only get to my house by cable car or boat.
  • My island is on the Texas Gulf Coast that has fourteen other homes on it. It’s heaven for me because of the wildlife.
  • I love animals. All animals, no matter how many legs. Yep. I’m a fan of even snakes and spiders. After guarding a momma spider and her egg sack from being removed from over the door of our island-shared pool house, one of the residents on the island put this funny pig statue at the pool in honor of my befriending the huge spider everyone wanted to smush. The pig’s name is Wilbur, of course, named after my favorite character from Charlotte’s Web.

  • I’m not scared of snakes or spiders, but I’m terrified of pressurized refrigerated biscuit dough.

LOL on #5. I do admit I afford it a healthy amount of respect, but find spiders way scarier than pressurized refrigerated dough 😉 Snakes I’m fine with, though.


Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

My husband and I hiked at Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country, and the scene where Freddie shifts in front of Rain for the first time came to me from nowhere. After touring a small winery, the plot was set in my head… except for the ending. The ending came much later.

Very cool! I like that outings provided your inspiration (excellent argument for taking vacations and day trips!)


How long have you been writing, and what (or who) inspired you to start?

I never wanted to be a writer growing up. I successfully avoided all creative writing classes and projects all the way through college, even faking sick in grade school on poetry days. Creating something original terrified me.

Becoming a writer happened unexpectedly as the result of my losing a game of “Chicken” with my eleven-year-old daughter. Losing was one of the best things to happen to me. She was complaining about how heroes in young adult books she’d read believed themselves to be evil or cursed. Her rant morphed into how she believed heroes should be written and finally, to make her feel better, I bluffed and said, “Hey, tell you what… I’ll write that book for you.” I never expected to carry through. I mean, that’s the stuff of nightmares for me. I figured she’d be satisfied and we’d forget all about it.

Nope. She called my bluff.

She looked at me with those trusting, huge eyes and said, “Really? You would really write a book for me?”

Well, crap. Busted. I had no choice but to go through with it…sort of. Surely, after a chapter of the certain garbage I’d produce, she’d beg me to stop and I’d be off the hook. Instead, she loved the first chapter and asked for more.

After that, I was hooked. Completely and totally obsessed with writing—the very thing I’d avoided my entire life. Thirty days later, I handed her the last chapter of the seven-hundred-page manuscript, which, needless to say was not my finest work. But, it was my first work and led to where I am right now, celebrating my tenth published book.

That is fantastic! Yours might be my favorite “how I became a writer” story yet!


What are you working on right now? What can readers look for from you in the next year?

I’m working on a book related to Haven in addition to an adult romantic comedy and an adult paranormal.

Great! Can’t wait 🙂


What are you currently reading, and what are your thoughts about it so far?

I’m currently reading Before We Were Yours, and I’m loving the juxtaposition of voices from the 1930’s and current day.

Oooh, that’s on my TBR too. Glad you’re enjoying it!


If you had to “sell” your book in a single Tweet, what would you say?

I’m not much of a marketer, so I’ll do one line pitch tweets instead of sell tweets. J

Teen Wolf meets NCIS in the Texas Hill Country.

Or… Tough guy from the big city streets falls for a tougher girl from a small town.

Or… Rain wasn’t afraid of dying—he was afraid of dying for nothing.

LOL—works for me! Thanks, Mary!


About the author:

Mary Lindsey is a multi award-winning, RITA® nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on an island in the middle of a river. Seriously, she does. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, two Cairn Terriers, and one husband. Inexplicably, her favorite animal is the giant anteater and at one point, she had over 200 “pet” Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The roaches are a long story involving three science-crazed kids and a soft spot for rescue animals. The good news is, the “pet” roaches found a home… somewhere else.

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by Mary Lindsey
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
Publisher: Entangled Teen


“We all hold a beast inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed.”

Rain Ryland has never belonged anywhere, He’s use to people judging him for his rough background, his intimidating size, and now, his orphan status. He’s always been on the outside, looking in, and he’s fine with that. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart.

Freddie isn’t like normal teen girls, though. And someone wants her dead for it. Freddie warns he’d better stay far away if he wants to stay alive, but Rain’s never been good at running rom trouble. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for.

Ancient magic and modern society collide in a sexy, spellbinding romance perfect for fans of C. C. Hunter and Maggie Stiefvater that proves sometimes beauty is the beast…



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