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New Release Review! LOVE BEYOND OPPOSITES by Molly E. Lee (Grad Night #3)

Love Beyond Opposites cover

Love Beyond Opposites
by Molly E. Lee


If high school has taught mathlete Jade Aaron anything, it’s that nerds never get the guy.

So when rock star Lennon Pryor starts pursuing her, It’s not rocket science. This doesn’t add up.

I mean, sure, he’s hot.

And charming.

And a god on the guitar…

But he’s also the world’s biggest player. Being with him would be a bigger mistake than 2+2=5.

Until graduation night, when a reckless moment leads to a reckless kiss. And now Jade’s falling for the one guy destined to break her heart.




Love Beyond Opposites is a fitting series finale!

Told from the alternating perspectives of Lennon (future rock star and host of the epic lake grad night party at which a good chunk of the series drama happens) and Jade (aspiring graphic novelist and mathlete), Opposites gives us yet another look at what was going on behind the scenes at the party of the year. Once again the story takes place concurrently with the other two books and could be read as a standalone, though the epilogue features all of the series main characters–seven months later–and therefore will have a bit more meaning for those who’ve read all three.

Still, if you’re starting with this one? Not exactly a hardship. 😉

Once again Ms. Lee has given us two MCs here who are easy to root for, the rock star and the mathlete who have harbored secret crushes on each other all through high school and who actually have way more in common than they appear to at first glance. Their grad night experience is truly epic, including some light B&E and near death by turkey and possibly even a minor run-in with the law. As fun as it was to read, I’m super glad most of my nights don’t involve a tenth of the drama as this one did!

As much as I enjoyed the grand gesture here, I do have to admit that solving their problems seemed a bit too easy–seven months in and everything is all hunky-dory for them (not that they don’t deserve it, but still…) I also have to wonder at the chances that all of their respective colleges will have spring break at exactly the same time…? Still, this series was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Lee has in store for us next.

Rating: 4 stars / B

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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