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New Release Review! DEADLY TARGET by Misty Evans (Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce #7)

Deadly Target cover
Deadly Target
by Misty Evans


Can he protect her from becoming the killer’s last, and ultimate, target?

Good Catholic girls stay out of trouble, but when your father is a hitman for the mafia, trouble comes looking for you. Worlds collide in this mafia romance, the ninth book in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans.

West Coast FBI Director Victor Dupé’s personal mission is to stand up to bullies and protect the weak. Being a powerful leader, though, has its drawbacks – he must keep his own vulnerable side hidden and not let anyone get too close. He aces that every day, until the first moment he meets Olivia Fiorelli and realizes he’s found someone worth the risk of opening his heart to.

US Marshall Olivia Fiorelli has only one goal in life – destroy organized crime. Doing so might help her sleep at night and alleviate the guilt she feels over the murders her hitman father has committed. Running a dangerous undercover sting leads her to Victor Dupé’s doorstep – and sets a deadly plot into motion.

As their explosive desire erupts, the two race against a killer who hides in the shadows, viciously taking his personal revenge on Victor and those closest to him. The director has finally found someone worth holding on to, but will Olivia become the killer’s last, and ultimate, target?



OMG, this book–I was pretty much unable to put it down during the last 25% or so–So. Much. Was. Going. On. It had me literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see how things were going to end up. (Spoiler alert: it ended well. Eventually. But there was a whole lot of not-so-well going on before that and things looked pretty dicey for many, many, many pages…)

Victor and Olivia are a great couple, convenient interruptions that kept happening every time she planned to “come clean” to him and all 😉 Throw in Taz, the dog Victor’s “watching” (yeah, that dog isn’t going anywhere, ever–he’s theirs now) and really, I’m not sure what more you could want from the protagonists of a romantic suspense. Ms. Evans kept ratcheting the drama and suspense up throughout the book–and the sexy times weren’t too bad either 😉

There was a whole lot going on here–both Olivia (a US Marshall) and Victor (West Coast FBI Director) have many coworkers/associates and a lot of cases/concerns going on, many of which (but not all) are connected to the main suspense plot–and at times I had to stop and remind myself of details (who was that again? and what were they doing there, exactly?). I haven’t read all of the other series books (yet!) so there were times that I did feel a bit lost (there’s a Mitch in the Justice Team books, and he’s one of my favorite characters so I kept forgetting that wasn’t him here…) but I still really enjoyed the story.

If you’ve read all the other series books, though, you’re sure to love this one 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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