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New Release Review! ROGUE NIGHTS Anthology (Rogue #6)

Rogue Nights cover

Seven tales of romance, hope, and passion. Even after the roughest night, dawn promises new beginnings. 


A solid anthology–there’s not a single weak story in the group! I loved that they all had some basis in the political but it wasn’t the main focus–a hopeful political view helped to give each of the romances hope, though. And who doesn’t need a little more hope in their lives these days?

The first story (Resisting Desire) was from a new-to-me author (Talia Hibbert–now I really need to see what she can do in a longer format!) who has been on my TBR for quite some time. It was a fun best friend’s little sister/unrequited love story, and definitely whetted my appetite for more from this author.

The second (Dropped Stitches) was from an author whom I’ve meant to read more from (Annabeth Albert). It’s a F/F, which was different–I’ve only read her M/M books so far–and was another unrequited love story that grew into a friends-to-lovers one. The “magic of yarn” (the author’s words) gave the story an extra fun twist.

Parking Lot Cowboy was from another new-to-me author (Rebecca Crowley); I absolutely loved this opposites attract story with a hero and heroine who volunteer as escorts at a family planning clinic–I am absolutely going to add more from this author to my TBR ASAP.

Hudson Lin’s (another new author!) Dare to Dream was a M/M romance between two law students–a Dreamer and an immigrant whose family managed to get their green cards. One of them is all about protesting the immigration crisis, and the other just wants to keep his head down and keep on working–can their relationship possibly have a future when their views are so different? (And yeah, my TBR pile just keeps growing!)

The Coffee Shop Around the Corner by Shae Connor is a cute take on You’ve Got Mail and The Shop Around the Corner, with a bit less antagonism between the hero and heroine and a whole lot more politics. And yet another author I’ll be looking up!

Ainsley Booth’s Love Your Face is another F/F story and also a friends-to-lovers tale that anyone who’s ever dreaded going home for the holidays will definitely relate to; I might have been even happier than Fred was to see Ami waiting at the airport for her!

Finally, Robin Covington’s Sacred Son delivered another solid read from one of my favorite authors. It’s a M/M second chance romance where the heroes reunite to help one of them regain custody of his son. This one had me tearing up more than once!

Now I just have to get my hands on the other Rogue anthologies!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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