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New Release Excerpt! THE CARELESS BOYFRIEND by Erika Kelly (Bad Boyfriends #3)

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Gray Bowie broke the bro code: he fell in love with his best friend’s girlfriend.

For years, he hid his feelings…until one terrible night, it all came to a head.

Since her life blew up in high school, Knox Holliday has spent her time honing her skills as a couture wedding dress designer. But, just weeks before her debut, a freak accident wipes out her collection. The culprit: her ex’s former best friend, Gray Bowie. 

Gray does everything he can to get her career back on track. As they work together, they find forgiveness and start to stitch together something that looks a lot like love. But, at the very moment they realize they have a chance for something real, her ex comes back to town, bringing opportunities Gray can’t provide. 

This time, Gray’s not going to step aside, so he can only hope Knox will hold onto his heart.

She’s his dream, but will he be hers?

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“It’s just…my circumstances were so different from yours, you know? In my mind, it wasn’t even a possibility that you could be attracted to someone like me.”

“Well, hopefully that kiss cleared it up for you, because I’m still attracted to you, Knox, and I’m not gonna play games with you about it. The question is…” He trailed his fingertips along the inside of her forearm. “Are you attracted to me?”

Goosebumps exploded along her arm, racing up her neck, and cascading down her entire body, but she wouldn’t let Mr. Smugness see. “Please. We’re pals, nothing more.” But he wasn’t stupid. He had to hear the tremor in her voice.

“Hm. Interesting.” He leaned over her, looking into her eyes. “I had no idea your eyes were black. Oh, wait. They’re dilated.” He gently brushed his fingers over her collarbone, his thumb teasing her pebbled skin. “Are you…attracted to me?”

She squeezed her thighs together. “I mean, you’re okay and everything, but…” Her expression said, Meh.

“That right?” He shifted closer—but not quite touching.

His body heat, his scent, that intense look in his eyes…God. She tried to act nonplussed, but it didn’t work. Blood rushed up her neck, and desire pulsed between her legs.

“Let’s test it. If you’re not attracted to me, this won’t take but a minute.” He lowered his face into the crook of her neck. “Do me a quick favor? Inhale. Real deep. Get a lungful of my pheromones.”

“Shut up.” She tried to push him, but he was solid as granite.

“I just want to see if my scent works for you. Go on, breathe me in.”

“You’re such an idiot. Get off me.”

He lifted his head, bringing his mouth right to her ear. “I’m conducting an experiment, and I’m going to need you to stay very still. Quit squirming.” His lips brushed across her cheek—barely touching—until he reached her jaw line. Then, he glanced up at her. “Okay, that’s fascinating. I’d hoped for some pink, but you’re beet red. That’s way beyond blushing, sugar buns.”

“Okay, we’re done here.”

“Not yet.” He gently cupped her jaw. “There’s one last test.” The moment their gazes met, the mischief turned into pure, unadulterated lust. “This is the one that counts.” He brought his mouth over hers and kissed her.

Everything inside her turned creamy and hot. She wanted to slide her hands through all that thick, unruly hair, wanted to feel his hard, muscled body on top of hers.

But fear had a grip on her. It’s Gray. She didn’t want to know such extreme pleasure, get attached to a man who thrilled her, comforted her, wanted her, and then watch him walk away.

They didn’t have a future. Anyone could see that. What would happen after he left for his first competition? Got back into his familiar world of traveling from one country to another, one event to another?

She could have one night with him, maybe two. Three, four, what did it matter? Her heart and soul would get engage, and then he’d be gone.

Gray pulled away, the pad of his thumb on her mouth, looking utterly crestfallen. “It’s okay.”

What’s okay?

“I was just messing with you.” He started to roll away from her, and she realized she’d zoned out, let her fears stand on the mountain of her insecurities and plant a victory flag.

She grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back. His big, hard body fell half on top of her. God, did it feel good. More. Her hands threaded through his hair. “Gray.”

That was all it took to unleash him, just the sound of his name drenched in urgency and need. His mouth opened over hers, and he licked inside, his big hand clamping down on her hip and drawing her closer. He kissed with such fervor, she got swept away, the undertow so powerful it drowned her insecurities. She clutched his broad, powerful back. He feels so good.

His hand slid underneath her, caressing down to her bottom and then squeezing with such lust she literally writhed against him.

How had she ever thought he lacked passion? Holy smokes did he have it—and what a heady feeling knowing he had it for her.
"You want honesty? I'll give it to you. I was in love with my best friend's girlfriend."

The Careless Boyfriend by Erika Kelly

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About the author:

Award-winning author Erika Kelly has been spinning romantic tales all her life–she just didn’t know it. Raised on the classics, she didn’t discover romantic fiction until later in life. From that moment on, she’s been devouring the genre and has found her true voice as an author. Over three decades she’s written poems, screenplays, plays, short stories, and all kinds of women’s fiction novels. Married to the love of her life and raising four children, she’s lived in two countries and seven states, but give her pen and paper, a stack of good books, and a steaming mug of vanilla chai latte and she can make her home anywhere.

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