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Catherine Lanigan, Author of HERS TO PROTECT, and Why We Love Stories Where the Heart Wins (Shores of Indian Lake #11–with a giveaway!)

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Why We Love Stories Where the Heart Wins

The obvious answer to the title above is because we yearn for happiness in our own lives, many times when there is far too much heartbreak.

As the author of over fifty romances and romantic themed novels, I have to say that I’ve learned some things myself.

The emphasis on making “grounded” decisions and life choices that are “smart” and “intelligent” seems to work for some for awhile. But in the end, life is a blink of an eye. The things we cherish at the end of our lives or nearing the end of our lives are the happy times. The times when we rolled the dice, took chances, loved when we shouldn’t have, forgave endlessly and embraced the foolish ideas.

Yes, the “head” keeps us balanced and helps us to pay the bills, clean the house and get the car maintenance. But it’s the heart that draws us to the garden to tend our flowers and grass, because we’re close to nature. It’s the heart that throws caution aside and we approach the lonely new neighbor with an invitation to a backyard barbeque.

And in those moments of reaching out to others, we find something akin to joy. We enrich our lives by helping others; befriending others or simply smiling when we could be frowning.

It doesn’t take much to say “thank you”, but one thing I’ve noticed, especially in the past decade is that so few people say those words anymore. Gratitude is fading from our vocabulary. I hear and see criticism and scalding hatred at times all over social media. I see it in the news, in the grocery store and at the gas station. It’s as if people don’t like anything about themselves, so that’s the part they pass on.

In our romance stories, we cherish happy endings. We paint a better world and a possible new world. Communication is key, but it’s delivered with humor, love, understanding and compassion.

If I had a wish come true today, it would be that more people read our stories, so that more hearts could be open to the possibility of happiness in their own lives.  If only…..

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About the author:

Catherine Lanigan is the international bestselling and award-winning author of over forty-five published titles in both fiction and non-fiction, including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile. Ms. Lanigan’s novels have been translated into over twenty-four languages. Lanigan was tasked by the NotMYkid foundation to pen a collection of compelling and informative true stories of teen addicts. Ms. Lanigan’s SHORES OF INDIAN LAKE series for HARLEQUIN HEARTWARMING includes LOVE SHADOWS, HEART’S DESIRE , A FINE YEAR FOR LOVE, KATIA’S PROMISE, FEAR OF FALLING, SOPHIE’S PATH, PROTECTING THE SINGLE MOM, FAMILY OF HIS OWN, HIS BABY DILEMMA, RESCUED BY THE FIREFIGHTER and HER TO PROTECT (2019).

Ms. Lanigan is a frequent speaker at literary functions and book conventions as well as inspiring audiences with her real stories of angelic intervention from her Angel Tales series of books. She is an outspoken advocate for domestic violence and abuse and was honored by The National Domestic Violence Hotline in Washington, D.C. She has been a guest on numerous radio programs including “Coast to Coast” and on television interview and talk show programs as well as blogs, podcasts and online radio interview programs. She writes a monthly blog for


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Hers to Protect
(Shores of Indian Lake #11)
By Catherine Lanigan
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
April 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

She’s sworn to protect…

But does that include a speeding celebrity?

Violet Hawks is a by-the-books police officer—so when she catches a man speeding, she arrests him. Only, the man is famous race car driver Josh Stevens. To make amends, Josh launches a charm campaign, and it works on the small town…and on Violet. But when Josh is connected to an investigation, Violet begins to wonder—can she trust her instincts when her heart is involved?


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