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Release Day! CROSS CREASE by Elizabeth Hartley (On the Edge #3)

Cross Crease 
by Elizabeth Hartey 
(On the Edge, #3) 
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: August 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, Romance,Sports


I was fourteen the first time I laid eyes on the smoking hot, silver-eyed, goalie. Damon Wolfe was the most gorgeous boy I’d ever seen. All it took was one glance, one sentence and my heart was his. But I was too young and he was too broken.

Seven years later, he’s the biggest off the ice player in the NHL and I’m his virginal best friend.

Of course, I have the perfect solution to that particular problem, but Damon keeps on refusing to be the one to vanquish my chastity. He claims he doesn’t want to ruin our friendship, that he’s not good enough for me. Yet, somehow his eyes say something different whenever he looks at me.

Just one night, that’s all I’m asking.

What’s the worst that can happen?


I was mesmerized by Heaven Andersen the first time I looked into her sparkling turquoise eyes. She was a teenage kid with a mouth full of braces and bruised knees, but she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen—like a fairy-tale princess. With one look, she sent all my inner demons running. But she was just a kid and I was too damaged.

Seven years later, she’s my best friend. My best friend with a single-minded mission—to get laid.

She wants me to take her virginity and teach her about sex. But she’s an off-limits, flawless diamond girl, and so far out of the realm of anything my blackened heart is looking for or deserves it’s laughable. 

So, how come I’m not laughing? How come my best friend is the first thing I think about in the morning and last thing I think about at night? More importantly, what am I going to do to protect her—from me?

Cross Crease cover



You know the Dolly Parton song, Here You Come Again? Sure you do. Everyone does. Once you hear it, the tune is on autorepeat in your head for a week. Think about the lyrics. Can you hear them? Well, that’s what it’s like every time I see D. Every. Damn. Time. I have to stop it. I have to stifle the racing beat in my heart and vagina whenever he’s in the same room as me.

I’m a strong, powerful woman in control of my own destiny. I’m a strong, powerful…I’m a professional. I can do this. I will do this. I can treat Damon Wolfe for a groin strain. I can check his range of motion, stretch his adductors, and do an ice massage on his inner thigh without the slightest flutter of my ovaries. I can.

I absolutely, positively will not succumb to his gorgeous face, sigh-worthy body, and mind stupefying smile. I can’t play this game with him anymore. I may be a strong woman, but my heart is a stupid, weak fool. I won’t let D crush it ever again. My brain is in control from now on.
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About the author:

As a lover of the northeast US, my husband and I moved to the Poconos several years ago to open a Chiropractic Clinic. Four children and a menagerie of animals later, I have finally found time to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing novels. A dreamer at heart, romance is—of course—the genre I spend most of my time writing and reading into the wee hours of the morning. However, if it’s a good book, any genre can keep me immersed in the story for hours. 

When I’m not juggling work responsibilities and writing, I enjoy baking, knitting, traveling, hiking the beautiful hills and woods around my home and spending time with my family.

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