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Release Day Review! BAD INTENTIONS by Tara Wyatt (The Prescotts #4)

Bad Intentions cover

Everyone in Manhattan thinks they know everything there is to know about Lucian Prescott.

In his mid-forties, he’s a successful businessman, the founder and CEO of one of Manhattan’s largest hospitality companies, the Prescott Group. He’s sexy, rich, and one of the most eligible bachelors in the city. Very few people know just how dangerous he is. Because he’s also the head of the Kings of Hell’s Kitchen, a small, elite group of former mob members who are the lynchpin in Manhattan’s underground organized crime scene.

But Lucian has more secrets than just his criminal ties—like the fact that he’s been in love with Olivia Walsh for the past five years. Olivia, who is eighteen years younger than him and happens to be the daughter of Prescott Group’s biggest, most important investor. She’s completely off-limits, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. In his arms. His bed. His life.

He knows he needs to stay away from her, no matter how he feels about her—or how she feels about him. But staying away becomes impossible when Olivia’s ex—a man almost as dangerous as Lucian—begins stalking her, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

He’ll burn down the entire city to protect the only woman he’s ever loved.

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Lucien’s been a bit of a mystery throughout all of his brother’s books–even his own family isn’t 100% sure what exactly he’s involved in, and most of them know better than to ask. Though he does admit to at least one of their significant others at one point that he is “mob adjacent” that’s the closest we get to any real detail…until now.

We definitely learn more about who Lucien is, and some of the why–though definitely not all of it–here. We know more than his brothers and sister, at least, so that’s something. 😉 He’s definitely in a good guy/bad guy grey area, so naturally his romance is going to be a bit outside the norm as well: she’s eighteen years younger than he is, and the only daughter of one of Lucien’s most important investors, one who definitely does not know (and would not approve) of his more shady business dealings.

Lucien and Olivia’s romance was, hands down, the steamiest story in this branch of the Prescott family’s books (Ms Wyatt is clearly planning on either continuing this series or starting a spinoff to give HEAs to some Prescott cousins that have shown up briefly in the last two books). Since they waited five years to do anything–they first met when Olivia was 21–they clearly felt they had a lot of angsty lusting to make up for, and make up for it they did. Make sure to have a fan (or two) and a cold beverage (or two) around while reading, because OMG.

I did feel like I know Lucien better after reading his book, but the guy definitely still has an element of mystery about him, even after reading a half of a book from his POV. Ms Wyatt teases a series based on his associates (the Kings of Hell’s Kitchen) at the end, and though mob (adjacent) books aren’t my favorite, if anyone can get me to enjoy them, Tara Wyatt can. Especially if it means we might get to know Lucian Prescott even better…

Bad Intentions is the 4th book in her The Prescotts series. It probably *could* work as a standalone, but honestly, you’re going to want to read allllllll of the Prescott siblings’ books (even Aerin’s in Moon Shot ) so why deprive yourself? 😉

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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