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New Release Review! CROSSING LINES by Adrienne Giordano (Deep Cover #1)

Crossing Lines cover

While protecting a dangerously attractive ex-agent, a former CIA operative must decide which asset is more important to him: his identity or his heart.

She’s running out of friends—and out of time.

CIA operative Elizabeth Aiken is on her own. After a rescue operation in Venezuela goes south and her cover is blown, Elizabeth barely escapes the country with her life. Set adrift by the Agency and with a price on her head, she seeks out the only person who can help her disappear.


Unfortunately, the devastatingly attractive former operative wants nothing to do with her or the cartel-backed Venezuelan president who wants her dead. Worse still, if Elizabeth’s not careful, she’ll end up losing her heart instead of watching her back…and there’s no room for mistakes with assassins hot on her trail.

Helping her could destroy everything he’s worked for.
Former Marine-turned-CIA operative.
Current bar owner.
All-around badass.

Shane “Viper” Quinn has spent years constructing the perfect cover, and he’s not about to sacrifice it for a woman he barely knows. Even if she is strong and beautiful and makes him long for sultry nights that could destroy his carefully crafted life.

Still, Shane is forced to fight his growing attraction to the fearsome ex-agent while keeping her in one piece. Elizabeth’s enemies are now his enemies—and they aren’t going to stop until everyone who stands against them is eliminated. Will having the deadly Viper by her side be enough to save her?

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OMG, what a start to an explosive (literally, LOL) series!

This book was intense. Honestly–I gasped out loud more than once (though thankfully only one time in public ;)) and that last 20% or so? So. Dang. Stressful. I didn’t want to put the book down until I could guarantee that things were going to end well for our heroes…darn life, making me work and stuff…

I loved Shane/Bobby and Faith/Liz, as characters and as a couple. For the longest time, though, it was so hard to see how they could possibly get to a true HEA–Liz especially was going to have to overcome some pretty ingrained habits to figure out how to find a future with someone else–and oh yeah, there’s also some pretty heavy duty bad guys out to get them. Ms Giordano did a great job of (starting to) resolve Faith and Shane’s personal issues, and goodness, the resolution of the conflict with the baddies? So. Intense! And that final chapter? Gave me all the warm and fuzzy vibes…

I can’t wait to see where this series goes–the author gives us some very interesting and complex secondary characters here, and I am *very* interested to see if she gives us a book for one of them especially, though I’m not going to say who or why, because spoilers. If you like twisty and turny romantic suspense with strong (and occasionally slightly insane) characters, give this one a try!

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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