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Release Day! AWAY GAME by Cathryn Fox (Scotia Storms #1)

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Title: Away Game
Series: Nova Scotia Storms #1
Author: Cathryn Fox
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance
Release Date: May 17, 2022

I was never a girl to drool over the hockey players at our academy—they’re all egotistical jerks. But since my father is the coach of Scotia Storms, everywhere I turn, there’s a player—in more ways than one.

I’m smart enough to know they don’t just avoid me because I’m the coach’s daughter. They avoid me because I’m a nerdy drama student with no game.

With winter break upon us, I plan to escape to Florida, to where no one knows my past. Or that I’m the butt of every hockey player’s joke. It’s true, I overheard the hurtful bet no player had the balls to take.

Not that I’d hand over my pesky V-card to any of them. Nope, I plan to take care of that problem on a beach somewhere.

Until the storm of the century throws a monkey wrench into my plans, and I find myself snowed-in with a smoking hot Southie. I figured he was the perfect guy to help me with my pesky problem—until my stupid heart got involved. 

How could I avoid it when he was sweet and kind, and so different from the guys at the academy?

I begin to dream about our future, until the storm breaks and I realize he’s everything I never wanted and I’m everything that can destroy his future. 


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I find a big fridge in the back, and shine my light on the contents. “Vegetarian? Vegan? Pescatarian?”

“I like meat.” Her eyes go wide. “I mean…”

“How does ham and cheese sound?” I ask.

“That sounds gourmet right about now.”

I chuckle and grab a few sandwiches and drinks, and Sawyer walks to another fridge and pulls out some things.

A loud crack goes through the room and Sawyer squeals. “What was that?” She steps close to me again.

“It’s an old place and old places creak in the wind.”

Our steps are quicker as we hurry from the kitchen and make our way back to the lobby, but when we do, Betsy is greeting another couple at the door.

“No, I’m sorry, we don’t have any more rooms but you’re more than welcome to hunker down here in the lobby. The fire is nice, and there’s a sofa and a few chairs.”

As Betsy shines the light on the couple, it occurs to me that they’re elderly and no way can they sleep on that old sofa with their frail bones. I’m young and fit. The sofa might hurt my back, but it won’t break it.

I glance at Sawyer, and she’s frowning. She opens her mouth, but I call out, “They can have my room. I’ll take the lobby.”

“That’s nice of you,” Sawyer says. “I don’t think you’ll get much sleep, though.”

“I don’t have much choice. I can’t let them sleep down here.”

“Well, maybe you do have a choice…”
AWAY GAME now available
WARM UP available July 5
Scotia Storms: The Academy Years
A brand new series from Cathryn Fox!

#2 Warm Up – Releasing July 5
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About the author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. Cathryn lives in beautiful Nova Scotia with her husband, who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. When not writing, Cathryn can be found Skyping with her son living in Seattle (could he have moved any farther away?) shopping with her daughter in the city, watching a big action flick with her husband, or hanging out and laughing with friends.

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