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Pre-Release Review! A MATTER OF CONVENIENCE by Lana Williams (The Mayfair Literary League #1)

A Matter of Convenience releases this Thursday, January 26!

A Matter of Convenience cover

A delightful new series introducing the ladies of the Mayfair Literary League from USA Today Bestselling Author Lana Williams. The series has charmingly spirited heroines with a love of books, dashing rogues, humor, steamy kisses, and twists you might not see coming.

One bold move could change their futures…

Bonded by books and united by a purpose, the Mayfair Literary League takes on a new agenda—For Better or Worse. The bachelors of London won’t know what hit them when these bookish ladies set their sights on the men in their lives who don’t see them for who they truly are—yet.

She refuses to live with regret…

Lady Phoebe Fitzroy knows her assets are few and the clock is ticking before Society declares her a spinster. Yet how could she accept another offer when her heart belongs to a man who seems completely unaware of her existence?

He refuses to marry without love…

Anthony Stanhope, the Earl of Bolton, intends to see his siblings settled before dealing with his own marriage. One thing he knows for certain—his will be a love match. Watching his parents’ cold marriage of convenience has convinced him to seek more for his future.

It’s clear to Phoebe that she must take matters into her own hands to force Anthony to see her as someone more than his sister’s friend. To help bolster her courage, she dares the ladies of the Mayfair Literary League to join her by making bold moves of their own with their secret crushes.

Will her effort to catch Anthony’s eye—and his heart—end in disaster or lay the path for the future of which she’s always dreamed?

Join the ladies of the Mayfair Literary League as they pursue their happily ever afters:
A Matter of Convenience, Book 1
A Pretend Betrothal, Book 2

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A sweet start to what promises to be a fun series!

When Phoebe decides that her ladies’ literary league needs a new challenge–for each member to take at least one bold step toward changing their own futures (ie to finding an HEA for themselves, to attract the attention of their crushes)–it’s commendable that she decides she’s going to go first. She even knows who she’s interested in–Anthony Stanhope, the first man she ever danced with and a family friend–and what she’s going to do about it–propose a marriage of convenience to him. But Anthony’s never looked at her that way, and his own parents’ disaster of a marriage has left him determined to wait for true love to come along, not marry the first…well, woman to ask him wasn’t on his bingo card for the year, so he’s rather taken aback at her proposal, his once orderly life now seeming to spin out of his control, somehow..

But of course he saves the list of reasons that Phoebe gave him of why her idea was a good one, and of course he reads it over and over again. Actually, now that Phoebe’s placed herself front and center in his mind, he cannot stop thinking about her. Or asking her to dance. Or–oops!–kissing her in secluded corners. But he has to marry for love! Eventually!

This was a cute read, and it did make me chuckle more than once. The two main characters were both extremely likable, if aggravatingly obtuse at times, and it was easy to want to see them together for real. Their journey to HEA kept me turning the pages, and though things went a teensy bit off the rails toward the end, this was a satisfying read. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see how the other women in the group decide to take up the challenge issued by Phoebe!

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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