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New Release Review! HIGHLAND SURRENDER by Heather McCollum (Sons of Sinclair #5)

Highland Surrender cover

With his family’s honor on the line, Norse warrior Erik Halverson has no choice but to follow the orders of the royal house of Denmark. Now he must follow his destiny—and royal command—to sail to Scotland, find his enemy’s weakest link, and abduct her. Their mistake, of course, was thinking the Sinclair lass wouldn’t fight back.

From the moment her four brothers took control of their clan, Hannah Sinclair has learned to stand tall and defend herself. So when a big, brawny, and admittedly handsome warrior tries to abduct her, she isn’t about to give in. And the more he tries, the more she’s determined to make it as hard as possible…and enjoy it all the while.

Now Norway’s greatest warrior has a Highland hellcat on his hands, and Odin help him, he can’t resist her. But with the brutal Sinclair brothers coming after them, Erik is out of options. War is inevitable. And when a man is forced to choose between duty and passion, only one will win…

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Finally–the daughter of Sinclair finds her HEA with a Norse warrior!

Hannah Sinclair is a really sympathetic character–at almost 30, she’s a strong woman in her own right but having the infamous “Four Horsemen” as brothers certainly isn’t doing her love life any favors. She’s trying not to be jealous of her sisters (in law) and their growing families and happiness with her brothers, but her biological clock is ticking…loudly.

When a group of (alleged) Norse silver traders show up on the Sinclair shores, it seems like the perfect opportunity for her to take her future into her own hands. But Erik has a completely different agenda…

Well, maybe not *completely* different. He does like at least one of Hannah’s ideas…though her brothers for sure won’t approve 😉

I really enjoyed Hannah and Erik’s story. Ms McCollum did a great job of raising the stakes for both of her characters and making us (and them!) worry about how they could possibly achieve their HEA…which made it all more satisfying when they came up with a plan that worked! (And bonus points to Hannah for rescuing herself from the enemy’s evil clutches–sure, her brothers were on the way, but she had things under control!)

Can we please, please, PLEASE get stories for Trix and Libby set ten or so years in the future? Those two are going to keep their future love interests on their toes for sure! The way they managed Erik and his men had me snort laughing more than once…

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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