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Release Day Review! MOTHER FAKER by Brittanee Nicole (The Momcoms #1)

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Mother Faker by Brittanee Nicole
in Kindle Unlimited

Brittanée Nicole
Release Date: January 18

Moving with my three best friends and our seven kids into a dilapidated brownstone in Boston may have seemed like the most insane thing I’d do this year. Apparently the universe said hold my beer.

Because last night I got drunk and married my boss.

Don’t worry, it’s all fake. Or at least everything after ‘I Do’ will be.

Beckett Langfield is grumpy, rich and hates kids. I’m an overworked, overstressed, and overweight single mom. The only reason we’re getting married is because he needs to fix a PR disaster and I am available. As in sitting next to him, in a bar, when he has this brilliant idea.

Considering I just got divorced, I’m not looking to do that again. But Beckett makes me an offer that I literally can’t refuse, so I don’t.

He’ll help fix up our broken house and all I have to do is take a few pictures and pretend we’re happily married.

Easy peasy.

Now if someone could just remind him that it’s all fake. 

Author’s Note: Mother Fakeris book one of the Momcoms Series and features an accidental marriage between a billionaire grump and a plus size single mom who happens to work for him where there is only one bed, tons of laughs, a lot of ducks, and it’s always been you vibes.


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So much fun!

As disjointed as the series prequel felt, this book has it all together! (Just to be clear–the moms of the “mom com” themselves may not quite have it all together at any given point so far, but their books are solid ;))

Liv and Beckett were the perfect couple to start off the series–they already have a relationship, of sorts–he’s her impossible boss, and she’s been working for him for ten years. He’s seen her through her disastrous marriage (though of course the clueless man had no idea when it ended) and all 3 pregnancies, and–according to him–has liked her through it all. Yes, *liked* her, liked her. Not that he showed it, of course–but since he’s her boss and she was married, I suppose we can forgive him. But it can’t be denied that the Beckett we glimpse in the prequel is not at all the same guy in this book–we don’t see his POV in the novella, but still. He’s a totally different guy here once he real/fake marries his PR Girl Friday.

Which, I mean, he has to be, especially once he moves into the brownstone. Because, Delia. 😉

Not to mention the scary AF The Shining twins and their swear jar. And…but I digress.

Beckett and Liv are a great couple, once they let themselves *be* a couple. They suffer from a lot of non- and miscommunication (on the one hand I get it, they have their “deal” and their marriage is supposed to have an end date, but on the other Beckett is so clearly becoming a real part of the family and so obviously really cares about her and the kids that I just wanted them to TALK ABOUT IT ALREADY) and of course there’s almost a dozen c*ckblockers in the brownstone with them, but their story is filled with so much heart and humor I was willing to put up with my least favorite trope in order to enjoy a lovely story.

Side note: the details on the covers and the little formatting touches inside the books are just [chef’s kiss] perfect. Pay attention to how the brownstone and its environment are changing on the former, and how the chapter/section header doodles match the stories inside–too cute!

Now–on to Dylan’s story–can’t wait!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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It's always been you
Billionaire hero
Found family
Curvy single mom
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About the author:

Brittanee is an author who lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two children. Her town is a character in itself in all of her books. 

When she is not writing she enjoys spending time outdoors by the water with her children, reading at the beach or by the pool (or really anywhere), dancing with her friends, singing Karaoke, spinning, bike riding and boating. 

Some of her favorite authors are Sophia Kinsella, Elin Hilderbrand, Liane Moriarty, Mary Higgins Clark, Meghan Quinn, Daphne Elliott, Amy Alves, Claire Kingsley, Melanie Harlow, Christina Lauren, Sally Thorne and Sarah Adams. (Clearly, she has a problem and can’t pick favorites.)

Connect with Brittanée Nicole:

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