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New Release Review! A PERILOUS DESIRE by Lana Williams (The Mayfair Literary League #6)

Will a perilous desire lead to disaster…or the chance for love?

Rebecca Hatch claimed a new life after she was presumed dead in a terrible shipwreck. She managed to escape her cruel fiancé and uncaring uncle, leaving behind frightened, insecure Becca Hamilton to become a widow sure of her place in the world. At least on the outside.

But when she stumbles upon her fiancé’s solicitor in London, is her new life in peril?

The son of a merchant, solicitor Nathaniel Roth has already exceeded everyone’s expectations except his own. However, his success comes at a cost—he owes a debt he can’t repay to the powerful Earl of Fanthorpe.

Nathaniel is stunned when he comes upon a lady who looks remarkably like the dead fiancée of the earl’s son. Curious, he can’t seem to keep his distance and finds himself attracted to the bold lady who acts so differently than the timid woman he used to know.

Coming upon Nathaniel terrifies Rebecca even as she keeps up the pretense of her new identity. She used to secretly admire his kindness and honor despite his loyalty to the treacherous Fanthorpe’s. Soon, she can’t resist the passion simmering between them although it threatens her hard-won freedom and possibly her life.

When Fanthorpe calls in an impossible favor, Nathaniel must choose between loyalty and love. Will Rebecca find the courage to trust Nathaniel with not only her secret but her heart?

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Another member of the Mayfair Literary League has found her HEA!

I was looking forward to Rebecca’s story, and it did not disappoint. It was obvious from previous books that she was hiding something–I did guess that she wasn’t really a widow, at the very least–and we finally find out what it was and why.

Nathaniel is a hero worthy of her–once she trusts him enough to let him in–and their romance is very sweet. He does make a…shall we say interesting? decision regarding Rebecca’s dilemma and the earl who he “owed” his business to/was nearly her father-in-law which had me scratching my head and led to their relationship’s black moment (I guess it makes sense when he explains it–kind of?–it overall felt like a bigger risk than it was good idea, IMO) but that all resolves itself nicely in the end so all’s well that ends well.

And fortunately, Rebecca and Nathan’s story ends very well. 😉

The Mayfair Literary League books could each be read by themselves, but a better understanding of the women, their group, and the role each (future) spouse plays in the group as a whole can only come from reading them all, so of course that will be my recommendation!

Winifred’s story is next–can’t wait!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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