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Release Day Review! HOLD ME by Tawna Fenske (Cherry Blossom Lake #3)

Cherry Blossom Lake Romantic Comedy
new March 8!
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Romeo. Boy Toy. Player. I’ve heard what they call me, and never gave it much thought

Then Zoe walks in with her library smarts and innocent eyes and one helluva dirty idea.

I guess living in hospitals for two decades didn’t leave much time for dating.

Or any kind of fun, really.

Zoe’s a virgin with a bucket list, and guess who’s on it?

No way am I satisfying her desires.

She’s my boss’s little sister-in-law, and besides.

I’m maxed out with my sick dad and a secret I’m not ready to share.

I’ll help with the unsexy things on Zoe’s list.

Problem is, everything from a foul-mouthed pinball machine to my dopey dog keep conspiring to push us together.

Even cooking class and an oddly sexy oil change lead straight to temptation.

Girls like Zoe don’t end up with guys like me.

It’s basic math even this high school dropout can do.

So how come I can’t stay away?

HOLD ME trope graphic
-brainy virgin
-small-town librarian
-boss's little sister
-sexy innuendo galore
-lovable, dorky dog
-burly playboy hero
-happy, messy family
-sex list alert
-car repair as foreplay?
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Absolutely loved!

Zoe and Cal have been side characters for two books now, and I’ve been dying for them to get their own, especially once I found out the general plot. A feisty no-longer-an-invalid younger sister turning to the town’s Lothario (who has his own tragic backstory) for her sex education needs? Yes, please!

Zoe and Cal did not disappoint. I loved how she so quickly came to see Cal as more than just a boy toy–every time they met up, he either taught her a non-bedroom-related skill she wanted to know (cooking, changing her car’s oil) or they knocked another experience off her list first (playing pinball, horseback riding). And I adored how Zoe never hesitated to speak up for what she wanted with him, or eventually, with others.

Their breakup was heartbreaking but was hard to argue with–and really helped to make Cal’s (100% private, and 110% PERFECT) grand gesture and their epilogue all the sweeter.

Hold Me would probably work fine as a standalone read, but honestly? Read them all in order. There is some underlying drama with the Spencer-King family that started in the first book and has been ongoing throughout, and IMO it’s always so satisfying to see characters you already know and love from earlier books *finally* find their HEAs in *their* book.

Speaking of which, hey, Kaleb? Can’t wait for yours… <3

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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