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New Release Review! BROKEN HEARTS by M. O’Keefe (Hearts #2)

Broken Hearts cover


His name thrums through me like a heartbeat.

I climbed out of the smoldering crater of my life only to find myself back in the middle of a slow-motion trainwreck. I’m hunted, torn between my past and present, ripped apart by two warring families. My husband is dead, and his killer is the only man who’s ever felt the deep well of emotion I keep hidden from the world.


Vicious and scarred—his rough touch is seared into my skin, but his soft caresses are what break down my walls bit by bit. Until there’s only me left. My soul in his bloody hands, and my broken heart beating just for him. Only him.


My shadowy protector, my phantom lover—kiss me or kill me, I don’t care. As long as you’re the one who does it.

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Gah! This book is another cliffhanger ending! M. O’Keefe is actively trying to kill me!

Okay, so danger-wise things maybe aren’t quite as cliffhanger-y as the last time ( Stolen Hearts ), but relationship-wise? So. Much. Worse. If that is even possible–and ugh, that definitely does NOT make waiting for the next book to come out any easier.

But I AM waiting. Patiently. Kind of.


And now for my cryptic (mostly because I’m trying to keep it spoiler-free) review: Broken Hearts continues Poppy and Ronan’s story. We learn more about Ronan, which is heartbreaking and kind of what we might have expected but still somehow so much worse. We see them grow closer while not being close at all–though we do find out (finally) why he refuses to give in to Poppy and go as far as she wants him to. It’s all kinds of sexy, mostly in Ireland(!), and there’s cats. Probably about 85+% of the book is just the two of them all alone(!!!!!) and there’s a huge reveal near the end that I’m glad no one could see the lower half of my face for (this is maybe not the best book to read in public, though? The steam factor is high) because I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging wide open for it. To say I did not see that coming is an understatement, but maybe I was blinded by visions of Ronan’s abs?

If you’ve read book 1, you are not going to want to miss this.

Definitely don’t even think about reading this book without having read the first in the series–it’s free right now, so run, do not walk to pick it up so you’re not hopelessly lost. I read Stolen Hearts just over three months ago and I was still a little at sea here for a bit (maybe I read a little too much? Is that even a thing?) I shudder to think about how I’m going to survive until book 3 comes out…

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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