New Release and Giveaway! FIRST FULL MOON by Michelle Alstead

First Full Moon
Michelle Alstead
Publication date: August 28th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

More secrets. More lies. I’m going to die.

She wanted a car for her sixteenth birthday, not magical powers… Candy McGregor is a teenager living in Sequim Falls, a small East Coast town, where the McGregors own just about everything. While her grandmother grooms her to run the family business—a pharmaceutical empire—Candy dreams of a life where she’s known as more than just a last name. When the monthly family dinner turns into a horror show, Candy discovers the McGregors aren’t so much blessed as they are cursed. At midnight on her sixteenth birthday, Candy inherits both the ability to do magic and the destiny to become a wolf on the next full moon. There is hope of a life that doesn’t require being chained up once a month. If Candy can undo the original spell that created the curse, she can rid the world of werewolves and remain a witch. But there’s one really big problem. Not everyone hates being a wolf. With the next full moon looming, Candy must take on forces that will do anything to stop her. Will she break the curse or surrender to life as a monster?

First Full Moon cover

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The windows are shut and the blinds drawn. A space heater warms my bedroom to a balmy eighty degrees. As I stand in the middle of the room, a cold draft blows past me, raising the hair on my arms and neck.

Someone is watching me.

Will it be my time soon? Will I be the next one taken?

“That creepy frown on your face is going to cause premature wrinkles,” Larkin says.

My cousin lies across my bed, her black combat boots dangling off the edge as she scrolls through her phone without pausing long enough to read anything. She chews gum and blows a bubble that pops, covering her mouth. Larkin doesn’t seem to mind that strands of her long, raven-black hair brush the gum she pries from her face.

“I’m fifteen and too young for wrinkles,” I reply, moving to the window and opening the blinds. From the third floor, I can see everything and everyone in front of the house. The driveway and yard are empty. Not a soul to be seen anywhere.

“You turn sixteen in like five hours.” Larkin’s only a little bitter I’m the oldest grandchild.

Even though I can’t see anyone, there’s someone watching me. I feel it.

Michelle Alstead author photo

Author Bio:

Michelle Alstead is a single, divorced mom of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who tries to promote autism awareness and advocate for gender equality while raising Sheldon Cooper and searching for some semblance of a love life.

Michelle’s novels are frequently available for free on Amazon Kindle. Sign up for her email list to receive notifications.

All of Michelle’s adult novels take place in the same universe. Characters cross over between novels, which makes for a more interesting world.

One Last Try will be released Feb. 2018.

The Full Moon Series (four young adult supernatural stories) will be published in time for Halloween 2018.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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New Release! AFTER ALWAYS by Barbara J. Hancock

After Always tour banner

After Always
by Barbara J. Hancock
Genre: YA Mystery & Suspense
Release Date: October 1st 2018
Entangled Teen


Lydia’s life felt like it ended when Tristan died. Sure, they had their problems and he could be a little…intense at times. But he’d promised to love her forever…

When her parents propose a summer across the country with a music teacher who runs an inn, Lydia agrees. But it’s different from what she expected. There’s a presence there she can’t quite reconcile—and it feels like it’s hunting her. It seems Tristan’s promise followed her…and may have graver consequences than she could have known.

Then there’s Michael Malone, the one light spot in an otherwise dark existence. Lydia can’t help but be drawn to him, and as they try to uncover the evil plaguing the inn, they grow closer. But guilt over Tristan’s death still consumes her. Can she and Michael uncover what evil lurks in the inn before it takes another victim?

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After Always cover

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The hard gravel in my chest tried to beat faster, but I breathed in and out, slow and steady, and told myself it didn’t matter. The sudden beauty I’d seen in his everyday sort of features didn’t matter.

But when Michael’s amber eyes cut sideways and he caught me looking at his face, it did matter.

He got quiet. Even quieter than usual.

I got quiet as well.

We both seemed to hardly breathe for a little while.

I wasn’t only drawn to him because I’d noticed his physical attractiveness. And it wasn’t only his warmth, although I’d had a constant chill for months that seemed to ease as we stood there, side by side, as it always eased around him. It was his calm. His stillness. More than anything I was like a skittish wild creature being lured by an outstretched hand. I stared at his face because I didn’t know whether I should trust my instinct to run away or follow the urge to edge closer and dispel the cold a little more.

Then, he spoke again and I looked away from the movement of his finely shaped jaw.

“There’s always something that needs doing. And I like the work. I like Stonebridge,” Michael said.

I looked back at him thinking “like” was such an odd word for the monstrously huge old place. I wasn’t sure I liked it at all. I found myself strangely nervous in dark stairways and blind corners. And uncomfortable with all the closed and locked doors.

“I like the activity this time of year especially. The guests coming and going. I like staying busy. And Mrs. Brighton. I like her, too,” Michael said. “She hired me several years ago. I was sixteen. Lied. Said I was older. She must have known. I was a foot shorter back then. And I’d never even changed a light bulb. She hired me anyway.”

I couldn’t imagine a shorter version of the guy beside me. Or one who hadn’t always known exactly what he was doing. The young man I knew seemed to face the challenge presented by the aging hulk of Stonebridge with undaunted determination and know-how.

“She started paying me more when I decided to take engineering classes at the community college,” Michael continued.

“You’re an engineer?” I said. I had been so certain that I would be a concert pianist. Before. After, my high school graduation had come and gone in a blur of grief. Now, I was in limbo. Uncertain if I could face tomorrow much less a future at a conservatory that once threatened to come between me and Tristan.

“Will be. One day,” Michael replied. So simple. So certain.

I looked behind us at the great hulking house I’d needed to escape from that morning. I saw something very different in it than Michael saw. He saw opportunity and possibility. I saw dust and decay.

Just then, one of the swirling gulls above us shed a feather. I had turned back to the cove but the fluttering movement of the black-tipped gray feather as it fell caught my eye.

It would fall down, down, down to the ocean in the cove and be washed out to sea. I watched it fall. The haphazard dip and swerve of its trajectory was hypnotic in its inevitability.

Michael had seen it, too.

He didn’t wait for it to fall. He stepped to the edge of the cliff where a low rail at his knees would probably be useless in stopping his momentum if he slipped. He reached up and out for the feather until it floated into the palm of his hand. Then, he closed his fingers and pulled it back over land. All so sudden and quick and carelessly graceful. I found myself holding my breath again.

“I like gulls, too,” Michael said, twirling the saved feather in his dexterous, calloused fingers. “Some people think their calls sound sad, but they would change their minds if they would only watch them fly.”

He held the feather out to me and I reached and took it from him, like a gift, before I stopped to consider.

From his hand to mine, the gull feather passed and with it came the realization—I didn’t know how I felt about Stonebridge, but I liked Michael. More than I should. The feeling was warm and soft in my chest, unexpected and frightening. I was never supposed to be warm and soft again. I was supposed to continue to harden and cool until I was an unfeeling statue of Lydia, incapable of love and loss and remembering pain. I didn’t want to risk another relationship. Not only because I had promised Tristan forever, but because that vow had turned out to be a mistake even before he was lost at sea.


About the Author:Barbara Hancock author photo

Barbara J. Hancock lives in a cabin in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her many rescued pets and the guy who lured her into the wilderness with promises of lots of peace and quiet for writing. To this day, the Appalachian wildwood is the best gift she’s ever been given. Her favorite pastime (besides animal rescue) is bringing darkly romantic stories to life by firefly light.

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New Release Review and Giveaway! SWEET HOME MONTANA by Lynne Marshall (Charity, Montana #3)

Sweet Home Montana tour banner
On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Sweet Home Montana
(Charity, Montana #3)
By Lynne Marshall
Contemporary Romance
Print & ebook, 278 Pages
September 27th 2018 by Tule Publishing

Entrepreneur Wade Conrad is called home to act as a temporary guardian for his teenage half-brother, who’s acting out and needs strong guidance. Wade feels they are both floundering, so he seeks help for Brent at Healing Heart Acres, an equine therapy center.

Erin Chase has been working as an equine therapist since her fiancé called off their wedding with no explanation three years ago. She personally enjoys the peace found through animal therapy and believes in passing on the gift. When Erin meets Wade, she’s instantly drawn to his concern for his brother, as well as his kindness and charm.

Wade treasures time spent with Erin. They both long for more, but Wade’s leaving for California soon and his brother’s needs come first. Will he take a chance on love before it’s too late?

Sweet Home Montana

GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & NobleiBooksKoboGooglePlay

Other Books in the Series:

Her Baby His LoveTheir Christmas Miracle


A sweet romance!

Erin and Wade are likable characters. Wade, an entrepreneur, is acting as a temporary guardian for the much-younger half-brother he hardly knows, and things aren’t going well. On a suggestion from his pastor, he brings Brent to an equine therapy center, where of course he meets Erin. Erin was *this* close to her business degree when a failed relationship threw her life off track. Her boss at the therapy center has been trying to gently push her back to her chosen vocation with little success. Then Wade shows up at the center, tempting her in more than one way–with the possibility of a relationship, and with a new job. Can she manage both? Should she?

I haven’t read the other two books in the series (yet!), but Sweet Home Montana worked just fine as a standalone. I really enjoyed Erin and Wade’s story, and was rooting for them to work things out from the very first page. The complications along the way were believable, and though resolved a bit easily, everything was still plausible. The secondary characters–including Brent, Rosie, and Diana–made the story feel well-rounded and Charity, Montana seem like a place I’d love to visit–and eat some pie. And maybe a bowl of chili…

Rating: 4 stars / B

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

About the Author:

Lynne Marshall author photo

Lynne used to worry she had a serious problem with daydreaming, then she discovered she was supposed to write the stories in her head. A late bloomer, Lynne came to fiction writing after her children were nearly grown. Now she battles the empty nest by writing stories which always include a romance, sometimes medicine, a dose of mirth, or both, but always stories from her heart. She is a Southern California native, married for almost thirty years, has two adult children she is super proud of, is a dog lover, cat admirer, a power walker, and fellow traveler on this wild road called life!


Tour Giveaway!

2 winners will receive ebooks of Her Baby, His Love and Their Christmas Miracle
Open internationally
Ends October 17th

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October 1st:
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October 11th:
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Pre-Order Teaser Reveal! CROSSING PROMISES by Kimberly Kincaid (Cross Creek #4)

From USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Kincaid comes CROSSING PROMISES, the next standalone title in the Cross Creek series, releasing October 15th! A series filled with rugged, salt of the earth heroes who happen to be brothers, and strong family dynamics, CROSSING HOPE is filled with heart, humor, and heat. Pre-order your copy today!

Crossing Hope cover

Marley Rallston would rather be anywhere other than too-small-for-a-map-dot Millhaven, Virginia. But thanks to a heap of debt, what was supposed to be a quick trip to fulfill her mother’s dying wish has turned into an extended stay with the family she never knew she had and the father who never wanted her. To top it off, now she’s being forced to do community service with the town’s biggest bad boy, when all she wants to do is make enough cash to get out of Dodge? Life can’t get much worse.

The only thing Greyson Whittaker cares about is his family’s farm. He’ll do anything to keep Whittaker Hollow in the black, including live up to his rough, tough reputation by running the place by himself, no matter the cost. Mandatory community service with the daughter of their biggest rival is the last thing he wants or needs. But the more time Greyson and Marley spend together, the hotter their attraction burns, and the more the unlikely pair begins to realize that forbidden fruit just might taste the sweetest…

Pre-order your copy today!


Barnes & Noble

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He wanted to taste every delicious, forbidden inch of her...

About Kimberly Kincaid:Kimberly Kincaid author photo

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet. When she’s not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as “The Pleather Bomber”, she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a USA Today best-selling author and a 2015 RWA RITA® finalist who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. Kimberly resides in Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.






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New Release Review! UP IN FLAMES by Jennifer Blackwood (Flirting with Fire #2)

Up in Flames release blitz banner

Title: Up in Flames
Series: Flirting with Fire #2
Author: Jennifer Blackwood
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2018


It takes one little spark for enemies to ignite into lovers in a searing-hot novel by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackwood.

Sloane Garcia has butted heads with Reece Jenkins ever since he was a colossal jerk of epic proportions on a night she’d rather forget. So what if he’s overconfident, ultramasculine, and hard muscled? When she finds out he’s on the auction block at the annual firefighter’s charity event, she decides to give this cocky firefighter a dose of his own medicine. Now that she’s won the hunk, he’s on call—to do whatever Sloane wants.

Sure, Reece and Sloane had a rocky start, but he had his reasons. None of that matters now that he’s the bachelor at her beck and call, tasked with granting her four wishes in four weeks. He runs into burning buildings for a living, but nothing will be as tough as dousing the flames Sloane ignites in him. What started out as just a game might end up with Reece losing the one thing he swore he’d never give up: his heart.


Up in Flames cover


Free in Kindle Unlimited



I love the enemies-to-lovers troupe, and the idea that Sloane would “buy” Reece in the Four for Four Auction (a charity auction where firefighters go to the highest bidders and have to do four “honey do” type tasks for them in the next month) and then come up with evil tasks for him to do for her was inspired. The first was by far my favorite–OMG, Peaches. I’ll never hear or see Blake Shelton without thinking of this story again… 😉

Though I loved Sloane (living her best cat lady life…without the actual cats) and Reece individually as characters and of course wanted them to find their HEA, the road on the way there felt unnecessarily aggravating at times with all the two steps forward, nineteen steps back that they tended to do. The cause of their black moment stretched belief a bit but it did have a sweet ending, with the right people making decent reparations for it. There were a lot of LOL moments along the way, too, which kept me reading even when the main characters were making me a little crazy.

It was fun to see Erin and Jake (from book one– Burning Up ) again, and I’ve got high hopes for future series books–Hollywood and the arson investigator, right? And Madison needs an HEA… 😉 If you haven’t read the first book, though, no worries–this one really would do fine as a standalone.

You’re gonna want to read book one, however. Just sayin’…

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

 "Look what you do to me"


#1 Burning Up

Burning Up cover

99c for a limited time (US only)

Free in Kindle Unlimited




Jennifer Blackwood is the USA Today bestselling author of the contemporary romance series The Rule Breakers, Snowpocalypse, and Flirting with Fire. Jennifer writes funny and warm novels, as well as sizzlingly sexy romances. When she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out at coffee shops and in the planner aisle of Michaels.

Jennifer lives in Oregon with her son, a husband who reminds her that happily ever afters do happen in real life, and an adorable (but poorly behaved) black Lab. For more information on Jennifer and her books, visit her website at, or follow her on Twitter (@Jen_Blackwood) and Facebook (@AuthorJenniferBlackwood)

Facebook Group:

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New Release and Giveaway! WOLF TAMER by Yumoyori Wilson (Claiming My Pack #1)

Wolf Tamer blitz banner

Wolf Tamer
Yumoyori Wilson
(Claiming My Pack #1)
Publication date: October 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

An Orphan Girl. A Group of Wolves. A Destined Fate for War.

Don’t you ever wish to find where you belong? A place where you can rest your head without worrying about being jumped or your possessions being taken from you? Not like I had much, to say the least.

A pendant, an ancient blade, and a picture of my murdered family were all I had left when I was five years old. Foster homes to homeless shelters, I never found a place of refuge. I simply didn’t belong, and everyone made it their duty to remind me of my predicament. Until I finally came across a place that felt like home.

Sacred Moon Shelter for Endangered Wolves. I’d stumbled upon the sanctuary when I was near death, but I was miraculously saved.

Since then, I’ve become a Wolf Tamer; the only one who can get close to touching the six rare breeds. When I’m with them, I feel safe and sometimes wish I could be like one of them and escape this cruel world.

But such inhumanity strikes home, a group of hunters shows up, ready to take my wolves to an unknown place or murder them in cold blood. I won’t allow them to kill the only true family I’d ever known.

My name is Harper Blake, and I vow to claim and protect my own.

Wolf Tamer is a new Wolf Shifter Reverse Harem Romance. Recommended for 18+ Audiences.

Wolf Tamer cover

Goodreads / Amazon

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Wolf Tamer available on kindle unlimited


Yumoyori Wilson author photo

Author Bio:

Yumoyori Wilson is from Toronto, Ontario. She’s a Full-time author who loves to write many different genres. On her down time, she bothers her Mom and likes to drink bubbletea while reading and playing video games.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Twitter / Instagram


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New Release Review and Giveaway! STAR-CROSSED by Pintip Dunn

Star Crossed tour banner

by Pintip Dunn
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: October 2nd 2018
Entangled Teen


In a world where nutrition can be transferred via a pill, and society is split into Eaters and Non-Eaters, seventeen-year-old Princess Vela has a grave dilemma. Her father, the king, is dying, and only a transplant of organs from a healthy Non-Eater boy will save him.

Vela is tasked with choosing a boy fit to die for the king, which is impossible enough. But then Carr, the boy she’s loved all her life, emerges as the best candidate in the Bittersweet Trials. And he’s determined to win, because by doing so, he can save the life of his Non-Eater sister.

Refusing to accept losing the boy she loves, Vela bends the rules and cheats. But when someone begins to sabotage the Trials, Vela must reevaluate her own integrity—and learn the true sacrifice of becoming a ruler.

Star=Crossed cover

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Purchase links can be found here


Phew–that ending!

This was my first book from Ms. Dunn, but definitely not my last! Though at times the world-building was slightly off-putting (a small segment of the population gorging themselves on food 6X a day to have the nutrients extracted from them and put into pill form to feed the rest? Ewwwww…at least that process wasn’t described in detail, thank goodness) the underlying story and the characters make it almost impossible to put down. When the cover says, “Only one can survive” they’re not kidding–and it’s heartwrenching at times…

I loved Vela, Carr, Astana, and Vela’s father, the king–such wonderful characters! (Though, quick question–what’s up with people’s names? There’s a weird blend of “people” names–Adam, Blanca, Viola–and “place” names–Brooklyn, Denver–I assume it’s to help them remember Earth? but I don’t think it’s ever explained, and it’s a bit strange…) The way Ms. Dunn sets up their conflicts so that they’re all i opposition to each other while still wanting what they believe is best for those around them is just amazing, and there were times I nearly despaired of her being able to find an HEA for everyone. (Spoiler: she kind of doesn’t…? But kind of does…) I loved watching Vela as she struggled with the task the council gave to her, trying to become the leader that she hoped (and her father was pretty sure) she could be.

Honestly–that last 15% or so? Couldn’t. Put. It. Down.

So–focus on the people and their relationships and don’t spend too much time pondering the world itself, is my recommendation here. The story will sweep you away, even if the world is a bit…weird.

And read more Pintip Dunn! She clearly has got some strong writing chops, here 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.


"'I'm sorry I didn't touch you when I actually had the chance.' his voice is a low, dark rasp. 'A million chances over the years, and I've wasted them all.'"

About the Author:Pintip Dunn author photo

Pintip Dunn is a New York Times bestselling author of young adult fiction. She graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B., and received her J.D. at Yale Law School.

Pintip’s novel FORGET TOMORROW won the 2016 RWA RITA® for Best First Book, and SEIZE TODAY won the 2018 RITA for Best Young Adult Romance. Her books have been translated into four languages, and they have been nominated for the following awards: the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire; the Japanese Sakura Medal; the MASL Truman Award; the Tome Society It list; and the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award. Her other titles include REMEMBER YESTERDAY, THE DARKEST LIE, GIRL ON THE VERGE, and the upcoming STAR-CROSSED and MALICE.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | Entangled Publishing



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Release Day and Giveaway! KISS ME GOODNIGHT by Jennifer Rebecca (Claire Goodnite #4)

Today we have the release day blitz for Kiss Me Goodnight by Jennifer Rebecca! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today:

Kiss Me Goodnight release day banner

Title: Kiss Me Goodnight
Author: Jennifer Rebecca
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover by Alyssa Garcia at Uplifting Designs.

About Kiss Me Goodnight:

Detective Claire Goodnite is finally marrying her sexy SAIC, Wesley O’Connell in this suspenseful conclusion to the series.

The hall has been booked, the flowers have been ordered, and the invitations have been sent. Everything is finally falling into place for the happy couple, or so it seems.

That is until a hunter the likes of the old DC Sniper has his sights set on New Jersey Law Enforcement and suddenly the thin blue line has a big, old target painted on their backs. It’s open season on police officers and federal agents alike. She might be the best damn detective in the state of New Jersey but even this case has Claire running for her life.

Not to mention the loss of one of her inner circle seems to have shook something loose in her mind. Claire’s memories of that long ago day when she was taken from her home as a child are surfacing one after another. But will she remember before it’s too late?

It’s like they always say, every story has its ending.

Are you ready for this one?

It’s gonna sting.


Kiss Me Goodnight cover

Get your copy today!

Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo


There is a marching band pounding away in my brain.

I must have had too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner last night. I think. I have to get my ass ready for today—my wedding day—because if I don’t, my bestie, Emma, will have my ass.

I pry my eyes open, only then do I realize that I am not in our hotel room on the coast. I’m not in the luxury king sized bed full of fluffy euro pillows and down comforters near a window looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. I’m not where I should be. It takes my brain a minute, still feeling as fuzzy as it is, to realize that I’m not . . . safe.

The light shines through the wooden slats of the closet doors just the way that it is in my dreams.

I’m here. Right back where I started. Where I thought I would die when I was so small. Just a baby really. Where I once escaped and had naively thought I would never be back. I scoot back on the worn, torn carpet floor of the closet that I was locked in once before, until my back hits the wall. I try to make myself as small as possible hoping against all hope that he won’t see me. But as I hear the footsteps growing louder and louder, I know that there is no hope to be found. No hope at all.

The closet door swings open and I realize how stupid I have been. All this time that I struggled, that I suffered from those terrible nightmares and prayed that they would either end or I would finally remember who had tried to harm me when I was just six years old. All those times I thought I was safe, that I was free, were really nothing but lies because looking down at me with a sinister smile on his face in this little house of horrors from my haunted past is the last person I ever would have thought would be capable of this kind of thing.

I was never free, I was living under the watchful eye of a monster, a wolf in sheep’s clothing just waiting for their chance to pounce. His smile broadens and his eyes glimmer with excitement in the knowledge that he’s won. It’s finally over. This game of cat and mouse that we have been silently engaged in for twenty-four years is ending.

He pulls his leather belt free from his pants and loops it around my neck. I look up into his warm eyes, ones that I had always trusted as he tightens the leather around my neck.

“It’s you. It was always you,” I say as suddenly every memory finally clicks into place. Anna would be so proud.

I gasp as the air is squeezed out of my lungs. I struggle to pull more in even though in my brain I know that it isn’t possible. Maybe this is how it was always supposed to be. Maybe this is how my story was always supposed to end. My name is Detective Claire Goodnite and I’m about to die.

You know what they say, every story has its ending, I just wish I was prepared for this one.

I can already tell that this one’s gonna sting . . .

"All those ties I thought I was safe, that I was free, were really nothing but lies."

Catch up on the series:

Tell Me A Story:

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

Tuck Me In Tight:

Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo

Say a Sweet Prayer:

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

"I was living under the watchful eye of a monster."

About the Author:

Jennifer is a thirty something lover of words, all words: the written, the spoken, the sung (even poorly), the sweet, the funny, and even the four letter variety. She is a native of San Diego, California where she grew up reading the Brownings and Rebecca with her mother and Clifford and the Dog who Glowed in the Dark with her dad, much to her mother’s dismay.

Jennifer is a graduate of California State University San Marcos where she studied Criminology and Justice Studies. She is also an Alpha Xi Delta.

10 years ago, she was swept off her feet by her very own sailor. Today, they are happily married and the parents of a 8 year old and 6 year old twins. She can often be found in East Texas on the soccer fields, drawing with her children, or reading. Jennifer is convinced that if she puts her fitbit on one of the dogs, she might finally make her step goals. She loves a great romance, an alpha hero, and lots and lots of laughter.

Twitter: @JenniRLreads

Instagram: @JenniRLreads


Enter Jennifer’s Giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

"Maybe this is how my story was always supposed to end. My name is Detective Claire Goodnite, and I'm about to die."


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Release Day! THE SHERIFF’S LITTLE MATCHMAKER by Carrie Nichols

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About the Book:

When teacher Sasha Honeycutt kisses a handsome cowboy in a bar on a dare, she never expects to see him again. To her surprise, though, he walks through the door of her classroom for a parent-teacher conference. Sheriff Remy Fontenot might be sexy as sin, but Sasha has no interest in falling for another police officer. Rose Creek, Texas is her fresh start after being “that poor widow.” Only, Remy’s precocious daughter has big plans for the two of them…

After their stolen kiss, Remy knows there’s a sexy woman hiding under that school marm charm. When fate—aka his seven-year-old—keeps putting her in his path, he decides to take it as a sign. His daughter needs a mom, and the intriguing, beautiful Sasha is perfect for the role. Not to mention their chemistry is off the charts. Unfortunately, he’s set his sights on the one woman in town who has no interest in falling for another man with a badge.

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Meet the Author:

2016 RWA® Golden Heart® Winner and 2016 & 2015 Maggie Award winning author, Carrie Nichols, is a hardy New Englander transplanted to the Deep South, where she marvels how two inches of snow can bring a city like Atlanta to its knees. She loves to travel, is addicted to British crime dramas and knows a Seinfeld quote appropriate for every occasion.

She has one tolerant husband, two grown sons, and two critical cats. To her dismay, Carrie’s characters—much like her family—often ignore the wisdom and guidance she lovingly offers. She enjoys weaving heart, home and humor into her stories.

Carrie is a member of RWA, Georgia Romance Writers, and Chattanooga Area Romance Authors.

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Fall Into a Romantic Mystery! A What Should I Read Next? Quiz and Giveaway

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Fall Into A Romantic Mystery

With the temperature dropping and leaves turning colors, it’s time to get ready for the cool days of fall. And what better way to prepare for the long nights ahead than to download a great whodunit novel with a dash (or heaping helping) of romance? Below we have crafted a quiz to help you find your next great read, but be warned, the titles all have mysteries that need to be solved and villains that must be brought to justice. So grab a thick blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and answer the following questions to discover which romantic mystery you will want to “fall” into next.


  1. Where is your perfect romantic mystery set?
    a) In “small town USA”. The everyday setting makes the violent crimes all the more shocking.
    b) The rolling hills of Texas where there are lots of places to hide.
    c) In a historic mansion near the choppy waters of Virginia, giving the story a Gothic feel.


  1. I want to read about a heroine who is …
    a) …one hundred percent devoted to her family yet balanced enough to find success in her chosen career.
    b) … intelligent and diligent, with a pressing drive to help others.
    c) … currently in mourning after losing a loved one, but strong enough to take on any challenge.


  1. Is your heroine in peril?
    a) She may face down a bad guy (or two), but thankfully her significant other is always there to guard her with his life.
    b) In my fictional world nobody is safe. NOBODY!
    c) The heroine doesn’t face physical danger, but her emotions take a severe beating as she learns terrible secrets from the past.


  1. When your heroine needs backup, who is she going to call?
    a) Her BF who just happens to be a private investigator that solves crimes for a living.
    b) A steely-eyed Texas Ranger who is known for delivering justice.
    c) The town leader who is a successful businessman and pillar of the community.


  1. My ideal hero is….
    a) …totally and completely devoted to supporting his woman.
    b) …dependable and incredibly strong, however, he has suffered a loss and every once in a while his vulnerability shows through.
    c) …steadfast, principled, and dedicated to his community.


  1. When sitting down to read a mystery, the crimes should be…
    a) … studied in a clinical, professional manner.
    b) … frequent and terrifying! I want something that keeps me up at night.
    c) … in the past. I like trying to figure out who the bad guy is instead of focusing on violence.


  1. When the last page of the book is read, I want to feel…
    a) … that second chances are not only real, but they can be incredibly joyous.
    b) … a sense of deep satisfaction that justice has been found and order restored.
    c) … tremendous hope and optimism for the future.




If you choose mostly As … then get ready to follow dedicated defense attorney Morgan Dane as she takes on her next case in Melinda Leigh’s What I’ve Done.

Morgan has been hired to defend Haley Powell after the young woman wakes up in a pool of the victim’s blood. And while Haley has no memory of the night and no alibi, Morgan is sure that there is more to this crime than a simple case of murder. With the help of her private investigator boyfriend Lance Kruger, Morgan inches towards answers all the while dodging threats meant to keep her silent.

What I've Done cover

Purchase What I’ve Done by Melinda Leigh Here



If you choose mostly Bs … then the lightning fast twists and turns of Mary Burton’s romantic suspense novel Cut and Run is just right for you.

Medical examiner Faith McIntyre is used to investigating grizzly crime scenes, yet she is totally unprepared when faced with a barely-alive victim that looks EXACTLY like her. With no answers and nowhere else to turn, Faith teams up with her colleague-with-benefits Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden. Together they discover decades old crime scenes, as well as new victims of a serial killer.

Cut and Run cover

Preorder Cut and Run by Mary Burton Here


If you choose mostly Cs … then get ready to be transported to the windswept beaches where Mary Ellen Taylor sets her next release Winter Cottage.

When heroine Lucy Kincaid loses her mother, she receives an unexpected inheritance—a lonely old estate big enough to hold the secrets of Lucy’s family. Why did her mother never mention the mansion or the sea swept town of Cape Hudson? Who is Lucy’s father? And why is there a (literal) skeleton on Lucy’s property? With more questions than answers, Lucy turns to handsome local Hank Garrison only to find he has a motive for wanting the Winter Cottage all to himself…

Winter Cottage cover

Preorder Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor Here


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