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Category: music video

Saturday Morning Video: SOLO: A Star Wars Story Movie Trailer

It goes without saying that I am unbelievably excited about this movie, and yep, I’m gonna be right there release weekend. BUT…a guy who’s 5′ 8″ playing a young 6′ 1″ Han Solo? He’s not that young… (But hey–at least their young Lando looks spot on. Though to be honest, I haven’t checked their respective heights…yet.) Obviously it’s too late to re-cast…but can I just say that this guy–who already played a young Harrison in Age of Adeline–is 6′? Sigh…

Saturday Morning Video Two-Fer: VoicePlay’s version of WHAT’S THIS? and a Time-Lapse Build of the $799 Lego Millennium Falcon

These guys are just so cool. Thanks for the suggestion, Mini Moe #2 (home from school!) This baby is currently out of stock everywhere…so I guess the kids have a valid reason for not buying this for me…THIS year. πŸ˜‰ (Though my birthday is coming…)

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