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Category: humor

New Release Review! HARD TO HOLD by Katie Rose (Hard to Play #1)

Hard to Hold by Katie Rose Synopsis: “Katie Rose writes sexy, skilled sports heroes who know how to treat a woman right!” raves Wendy S. Marcus. Now the award-winning author of the Bad Boys of Baseball series introduces a team of soccer stars who score on and off the pitch. New Jersey Hurricanes striker Logan Hart lives for the grind of training, the adrenaline of competition, and all the perks of the road—until his ex hands him a baby and tells Logan to raise her on his own. He’s eager to pass this bundle of joy into more capable hands…

Saturday Morning Videos: ODDS ARE by the Barenaked Ladies

Rooster Teeth had a hand in making this video, so I found this one with the help of Mini Moe #s 1 and 2. Thanks, you two!   There’s so much going on here between the images, news scroll, and graphics that I don’t think I’ve read/seen it all yet! Don’t worry, though–odds are, we’re gonna be alright! Well, unless you listen to Dr. Ian Malcom…then probably not.

Authors Becky Wicks and Sarah Alderson Talk About Their New British Comedy Romance, THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF LARA CRAFT (NOT CROFT)–with a Giveaway!

Looking for a fun read? Give this one a try! Becky Wicks and Sarah Alderson talk about the strangest spots where inspiration struck, and how NOT to write a book, to mark the launch of their very British comedy romance, The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft).   What inspired you to write The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft)? Becky: Actually meeting Sarah inspired me to write Lara – we were just talking about 50 Shades a couple of years ago and how it seemed anyone could try their hand at an erotica. Lara was originally an…

Saturday Morning Videos: Glove and Boots plea: PLEASE STOP GIVING EVERYTHING AWAY, HOLLYWOOD!

Ever sit through a trailer and wonder what the heck was left for you to discover in the actual movie? Yeah, me too. Spoiler alert–if you haven’t seen THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, this may ruin it for you. Teensy spoiler for THE RETURN OF THE JEDI too… Though seeing Han Solo in his prime is totally worth it… Bad Grandpa? Not so much.

Saturday Morning Videos…STAR S’MORES (It’s gonna be big! And chocolaty)

This is all kinds of awesome, starring my all-time favorite hero, Han–I mean Flan–Solo. Enjoy! Am I the only one who was deathly afraid (and half hoping) he was going to start singing “C is for Cookie”? This video was featured in the latest newsletter from the awesome people at Science Fiction. Fantasy. The Universe. Check them out!