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Tag: absolute trust

Brandon Forte (Hero of ABOLUTE TRUST by Piper J. Drake): Naughty or Nice? (w/a New Release Review and Giveaway!)

When Buzzfeed knows whether Brandon Forte is Naughty or Nice  …based on his TV preferences Sophie: Pick a streaming service. Brandon: Netflix Sophie: Pick a sitcom. Brandon: How I Met Your Mother Sophie: Pick a drama. Brandon: Seriously? I don’t watch any of these. Fine. Orange is the New Black. Sophie: Pick a Sci Fi. Brandon: Doctor Who.  Sophie: Ooh. Wait, do you only watch it because I do? Never mind. Pick a fantasy. Brandon: Game of Thrones Sophie: Pick a teen soap. Brandon: I don’t even know what these are! Whatever. One Tree Hill. Sophie: Result: you’re on the…

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