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Helen Goltz, Author of THE CLAIRVOYANT’S GLASSES on Naming Characters (with a giveaway!)

Naming a Character and Other Tough Decisions by Helen Goltz Okay, it’s not like you are naming your first-born, but it might as well be. That name you choose for your characters must reflect the character through thick and thin; they have to live up to it or down to it; it might have to be sexy or tough or mysterious. When choosing a name for my masculine stars in The Clairvoyant’s Glasses, I chose the name Lukas for my male witch because it was sexy, interesting and old-world. It didn’t lend itself to nicknames. For the street-smart police officer…

Jennifer Snyder (Author of Control You) Offers Her Take on Famous Writing Advice…and a Giveaway!

Author Jennifer Snyder shares her two cents about some of the most famous advice from writers to writers… Three Pieces of Advice Authors Always Seem To Give: There are three main things authors always seem to repeat when asked to give advice to aspiring authors. Here’s my take on each. 1) Write every day. I believe it was Steven King who first said this, or at least I’m pretty sure that’s where I heard it first anyway. While I do believe this is helpful, I haven’t actually implemented this “rule” to the fullest. My process for writing seems to be…

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