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I Survived NaNoWriMo! (Week in Review 11-29-13)

  Me, on Saturday… and then at 11:30 PM EST…   Woot! Finished with a half an hour to spare! Okay, let me clarify–my word count has been achieved, but the novel is far, far, from finished. Many scenes need to be written and/or fleshed out, and don’t even get me started on the revision–I left notes for myself all over the place (in the chapter labels, where they didn’t count toward my word count, of course) about issues I encountered after the fact (e.g.–rewrite scene–JANE NOT THERE YET!) that will need to be dealt with. But–fifty thousand words! I did…

It May Be Cold Outside, but Inside is a Whole ‘Nother Story! ‘Tis the Season to be Tempted by Aimee Carson

  Title: ‘Tis the Season to be Tempted Author: Aimee Carson Series: Baby, It’s Cold Outside Genre: Contemporary holiday romance Published: 2013 Pages:  70 Format read: ebook Rating: B Blurb: After the worst year ever, free-spirited Evie Lee rings in the New Year alone, swearing off men forever. So when her brother’s childhood friend, the perfect man with the perfect life, winds up on the same plane home, she’s determined to ignore him. Wes is determined not to take her seriously. Unfortunately a snowstorm traps them at the airport with no way to finish their commute, and his perfect body is tempting her to break her…

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