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I Survived NaNoWriMo! (Week in Review 11-29-13)

  Me, on Saturday… and then at 11:30 PM EST…   Woot! Finished with a half an hour to spare! Okay, let me clarify–my word count has been achieved, but the novel is far, far, from finished. Many scenes need to be written and/or fleshed out, and don’t even get me started on the revision–I left notes for myself all over the place (in the chapter labels, where they didn’t count toward my word count, of course) about issues I encountered after the fact (e.g.–rewrite scene–JANE NOT THERE YET!) that will need to be dealt with. But–fifty thousand words! I did…

This is No Time to Panic! (Or is it the perfect time to panic? A Week in Review 11-22-13)

Maybe even six days too long. My weekend is pretty booked up too–don’t people understand I have to write? I’m on deadline here! And woefully behind! Oh, and my laptop officially died. I’m fairly certain the repair shop I took it to (and will never visit again, obviously) had a hand in it, though they deny it. Hey, guys–it was working fine when it came in, except for the crack in the screen. You “fix” the screen and suddenly it won’t turn on? The power button becomes permanently stuck down? The plastic protecting the hinge cracks off? Um, none of…

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