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New Release Review! A TORCH IN HIS HEART by Anna Belfrage (The Wanderer #1)

In the long lost ancient past, two men fought over the girl with eyes like the Bosporus under a summer sky. It ended badly. She died. They died.  Since then, they have all tumbled through time, reborn over and over again. Now they are all here, in the same place, the same time and what began so long ago must finally come to an end.  Ask Helle Madsen what she thinks about reincarnation and she’ll laugh in your face. Besides, Helle has other stuff to handle, what with her new, exciting job in London and her drop-dead but seriously sinister…

A Conversation with Anna Belfrage, Author of TO CATCH A FALLING STAR (The Graham Saga #8)

The eighth book in Anna Belfrage’s historical fiction series is out now! Thanks so much for agreeing to be with us today! Thank you for having me – it’s always a pleasure to visit with a book lover.   What 5 things should readers know about you? I’d say the first thing is that I have a deep-seated passion about writing. I’d say I spend 2-3 hours each day tapping away, and that’s on top of my 10-12 hour day job! Previously, when my four kids all lived at home, it was impossible to juggle work, children and writing, so…

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