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Release Day and Giveaway! THE LAST ONE by A.S. Kelly

The Last Oneby A.S. KellyPublication date: July 25th 2022Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance Allow me to introduce myself.My name is Anya O’Donnell, and I’d like to declare myself guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.Guilty of what, you ask?Well, for starters, I’m guilty of lying to everyone for years; of pretending when I should have been showing them all who I really was, what I really wanted. I’m guilty of pushing away the only person who wanted to stay, convinced that, one day, he’d have left, anyway.I told him we were a mistake.I told him I was better off without him.I told him that I didn’t love him.And…

New Release and Giveaway! THE ONLY MAN by A.S. Kelly (From Connemara with Love #4)

The Only Manby A.S. Kelly(From Connemara With Love #4)Publication date: March 21st 2022Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance I was a different man, once.I was a man with only one woman on my mind – the only woman I wanted to hold in my arms.I was her man.But things change. Life changes you. Choices, mistakes, resentment: they all change you.So do unkept promises.We hurt each other. We loved each other, then hated each other, then missed each other, then grew apart.And then…One day, we found each other again.At the wrong time, in the wrong place.Because the two of us are wrong together – we’re too…

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